Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Day 3-31-11

I am soooo tired... that rooster getting us up so early and than being over at Shelia's all day. Donna's horse had a foul this morning sometime before we all got over there. It is a palomina filly. Here is some pics from today.

Thurs March 31st 2011

OMG the salmon rooster is driving us nuts. He has been crowing since 4am ...keeping the 17 dogs and the neighborhood dogs going nuts. Do all roosters do this?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Picked up MORE CHICKENS tonight 3-30-11

I called about a free rooster and wound up coming home with 2 silver lace wynndot hens 1-4 month old barred rock cockrel 1-1 month old Black sex link or barred rock cockrel and 1-1 yr old Salmon Faverolle rooster. We put the 2 silver lace gals in with our 3 silver lace hens. Put the 1 month old in with our 2 wk old barred rock pullets in the house. And stuck the Salmon Faverolle rooster and four month old cockrel in the cat condo outside.

Wed March 30th 2011

Goodmorning Everyone! It is a chilly 50 degrees here in East TX. We are enjoying a day of semi rest as tomorrow we go help Sheila mill lumber... fri we go to Justin TX to pick up our first 2 goats... and some chicks. Sat we are off to Tyler TX to dig up some bamboo plants and pick up our first ducks and a silkie rooster. Then we might join us friends for dinner and a party in the evening in Tyler and Whitehouse TX. Life is pretty good for us! We don't have much but we are blessed with a roof over our heads on our table and enough food for our dog rescue for a couple wks! Our 6 Bar Rock pullets are really getting big. Here is a pic of them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wed March 23rd 2011

Goodmorning Everyone. We got up at 6...shut the alarm off... got back up at 630. I decided I didn't want to deal with my mentally ill 30 yr old son Bobby this morning... so Drew decided to take him to his mental health intake appt at the clinic in town...they have to be in line by 7 to get in sometime today. The doors open at 8. Drew has to go to the bank to deposit the $25 check my mom sent me for my birthday... then to put gas in the suv with the $25 walmart gift card I have been saving for emergencies... then take Bobby to drop off papers at Soc Sec and the food stamp office. It is hard having a mentally ill adult child that can't cope as well as a 2 yr old.

I have been trying to organize stuff in the cabin a bit... it is hard to envision but our 16x24 cabin has a kitchen corner... a bedroom corner.... a compost potty in the pantry... an office corner... a living corner... and a laundry room accessible only from out back. So we move stuff around alot. We have ins inspectors coming at 2 to see if we can get home owners insurance. Our bath house with 1 toilet and 2 showers are up back. Our son and nephew share a 10x10 bedroom cabin. We have a 32 ft storage camper and an 8x8 plastic storage shed and a 6x6 plastic junk shed. We have a 10x20 portable garage over a deck for more storage. I know we need to get organized but with our health.... well we have more important chores to tax our energy reserves. Drew has a bad back with discs that paralyzes the nerves to his legs and he falls... he is also bi polar but does well on his psyche meds. I have arthritis and severe fibromylgia and need a knee replacement. So if we get the addition built or more to the house down the road... we will try to find some help going thru all our junk. We down sized from one huge 4 bedroom mobile home with living room... family room... dinning room and 2 baths AND a large 2 bedroom mobile home that housed Bobby and our storage AND large 3 storage sheds for dog rescue and flea mkt stuff for fundraising for the rescue so we did get rid of alot of stuff but still have alot.

So I have been busy organizing the open wire shelves in the kitchen and putting stuff away under the bed so it looks nicer. Drew ...Bobby and Johnny think the place is clean if the floor is swept and the counter is wiped off and most of the dishes are done. GRRRR They don't mind clean clothes laying all over the furniture and the bed not made and the floor not mopped... well you get the drift. Now I am taking a coffee break cause I am plum worn out already. Sorry to rant a bit but some days I get tired at our limitations. The sucky thing is Drew is only 40 and I am only 49. We have a long way to go with bad health.

On the bright side... we love our dogs and our chickens.... we have a roof over our head which will be paid off in 6 yrs.... and plenty of food to eat. We are blessed and much better off then some. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Blessed Be MsDawn

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tues March 22nd 2011 Our Chickens

Our 3 Silver Lace Wynndot hens are doing great and our 6 black pullets from Tractor supply are growing nicely.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mon March 7th 2011

Today we did our food shopping and paid the property tax payment. Life is pretty good.... the freezer is full and hopefully we will be able to pay all the bills this month.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are looking for like minded folks to live out here with and share chores & expenses. We are in East TX.