Our Campground and Commune in East TX

I am a disabled, 50 yr old, Single, Easygoing, Homesteading,  Prepping East TX Lady. 

I have a small 16x24 cabin ...10x10 boys' bedroom cabin...old mobile home I have to rebuild... small bath house with 2 showers and 1 toilet... 2 available full service rv sites...large sunny strip next to drive way for gardens, and 6 beautiful wooded acres if you like to hike. The Trinity River is not far away for those that like to fish.

We rent our sites to help run our dog rescue...$25 day $125 week or $350 month...this includes elec... water...sewer & use of bath house and laundry room if needed. 
Sites with no utilites, for those that like to rough it, are much cheaper $10 day, $60 wk, $200 month! 

Johnny, Our Cabin and The Bath house

Camp Sign

Boat and Barn Pieces
Water Storage
Rear of Bath house
Fall is Here!
Bath house
North Side of Cabin
Critters Area and Burn Pit

Some of our trees
Map of Texas highlighting Anderson County
We are located in Anderson County.

Drew leveling RV site
Drew in front of storage tent
bath house
Front Deck
Tree tops

Site next to bath house

taking trees down for addition

bath house after tree was taken down

Cabin at Xmas Time

Side Yard Before the Critter Cages

Our Cabin

Lots of Trees

Large RV Site

Lg RV site

Our Yard

One RV site

Old Mobile Home Before We Bought It

To Be Renovated Into... Guest Quarters?

Or extra living space for us?!

She's Old but Solid!

Bathhouse our first winter here

Our Cabin first winter we were here

Our Mobile Home all moved in!


  • 12x12 Rental Cabins
  • Bath House Addition
  • Breed And Sell Chickens
  • Breed And Sell Ducks
  • Breed And Sell Goats
  • Breed And Sell Guineas
  • Breed and Sell Rabbits
  • Breed Fish To Eat
  • Build Barn
  • Build Books Shelves In Cabin 
  • Build Better Fire Pit 
  • Build Green House
  • Build Or Buy Large Incubator
  • Build Outside Kitchen w/ Wood Stove & Gas Stove
  • Build Better Winter Houses for the Rabbits, Goats and Fowl
  • Buy Breeding Pair of Milk Goats
  • Buy Large Metal Building For Up On Hill
  • Cabin Addition
  • Design & Build Can rotation cabinets
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Cat Condos
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Chicken Coops
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Dog Kennels
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Duck Pens
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Goat Pens
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Guinea Coops
  • Design & Build Matching Lg Rabbit Hutches
  • Fence In Around Commune
  • Get Axle on Stock Trailer fixed
  • Get Mobile Home Bathroom Started 
  • Get Mobile Home Breaker Box Bought and Installed 
  • Get Mobile Home Ceiling Insulation Replaced
  • Get Mobile Home Closets, Shelves and Storage Started
  • Get Mobile Home Doors Replaced
  • Get Mobile Home Drywalled <or ?>
  • Get Mobile Home Floor Repaired
  • Get Mobile Home Flooring Bought and Installed
  • Get Mobile Home Gutter Rainwater Collection System Bought and Installed
  • Get Mobile Home Lights and Switches Bought
  • Get Mobile Home Roof Sealed
  • Get Mobile Home Rewired
  • Get Mobile Home Walls Up
  • Get Mobile Home Windows Repaired or Replaced
  • Gravel the drive and parking areas
  • Hot Tubs (wood fired?)
  • Inground Pool
  • Large Communal Pavillion
  • Larger Compost Pile
  • Larger Garden
  • Level Some Land
  • Matching Fire Pits for Each Site
  • Matching Picnic Tables for Each Site
  • More RV Sites
  • Plant Berry Bushes
  • Plant More Fruit Trees
  • Plant More Osage Orange 
  • Plant Pecan Trees
  • Pond
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Put Septic Up on Hill
  • Put Well Up On Hill
  • Rain Water Collection on Each Building
  • Rebuild or demo Camper
  • Run Water to Critter Areas
  • Run Water To Garden
  • Solar Energy For Bath House
  • Solar Energy For Johnny's Cabin
  • Solar Energy For Cabin
  • Solar Energy For Mobile Home 
  • Solar Energy For Rental Cabins
  • Solar Gate for drive to Gary's
  • Solar Hot Water For Bath House
  • Solar Hot Water For Cabin
  • Solar Hot Water for Rental Cabins
  • Solar Outside Showers
  • Start Worm Beds
  • Tent Sites
  • Thorn Bushes Along All Fence Lines
  • Upgrade Electric Service to Property
  • Wood Burner For Mobile Home
  • Wood Burner For Our Cabin
  • Wood Burner For Rental Cabins

I am interested in finding like minded folks to live out here with me.... share expenses and chores. Long term preferred and you would be welcome to bring your well behaved critters .... put in a garden and stay a spell! MsDawn 903 764 0097