Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sat 3/31/12

Bunny wanted out at 5am again. Made some coffee. Fed the cats, Molly, chickens, the ducklings, and the inside dogs. Got Stacie up. Stacie and I took Johnny to Fairfield to meet his mom and Niki. They had broke down so they were late meeting us so the three of us got breakfast at BK. Took them back to their van with some water and oil. I hope they got back to Dallas safely. Then Stacie and I stopped at the Dollar General to pick up honey for Cameron and found some cool clearance items. <Cameron the pup is still sick but hanging on. I have switched to oral antibotics as I hate giving him shots. I hope he will improve.> I got 2 pairs of pants for myself for $2 each, 2 packs character socks for my grandson Cameron for $2 a pk for Easter, got my son Bobby a shirt for $2 for Easter, got myself a pair of shoes for $2, got my camper Troy a tshirt for $2, got 2 shirts I might give Johnny for his birthday for $2 each, got my granddaughter StacyLynn 2 pairs sneakers and an outfit for $2 each, and got my helper Stacie 2 shirts for $2 each. AWESOME clearance sale!
 Then we stopped to price some stuff at the two junk shops on the way home. When we got home we used metal dog crates to plant my veggies. Since the goats and chickens ruined my last attempt at a garden, I figured this will keep both off my plants. Put in 12 pepper plants, 4 grape tomatoe plants, 4 watermelon and 4 cucumber plants. Keeping my fingers crossed that this garden does good. I plan on getting some miracle grow if I have any money left this month. I ate my leftover steak/onions for lunch.  Not buying a bunch of soda, so I hope the water drinking will help me start losing weight again.

Afternoon Update
Threw in some laundry, organized the clothes hanging on my bed, cleaned the duckling cage, and cleaned the puppy cage.  Talked to Drew on yahoo.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fri 3/30/12

The dogs wanted out around 5am and when I got up to let them out...Cameron was at the bowl getting a drink YEA!! Since than I walked Sandman. Cleaned up all the puppy poop. Gathered the dirty dishes and put them out on the porch <NOT domestic, what can I say!>. Fed the cats and Molly.Scrubbed around the sink. Straightened up a bit. And now enjoying my coffee. I am so excited about Bunny and Justin coming today, I can't wait. Wish Bunny could stay but she has to get to her aunt's funeral.

UPDATE: Bunny and her mom brought the dog food, but Justin didn't come with, said he had a family emergency. We unloaded it under the storage tent. They followed Stacie, Johnny and I to Walmart so I could get them gas money. Then we went to Krogers to pick up Johnny's new meds. While there I scored some clearance stuff. Got 3 packs of Sugar ham for $2.49 each, 3 bottles of shampoo for .39cents each, got 2 bags of laundry soap for .99cents cents and 2 packs pepperoni for $1.49 each. Then we went to the bread store and grabbed a $6 bag of animal bread and some boxes of tasty cakes on clearance for .99 cents each. We picked up a box of Church's chicken for lunch. I sent Bennie a letter. Ordered a camera cord from Ebay so I can start posting pics again. Still hoping Cameron pulls through. He ate a piece of ham out of my hand which is great. I am hopeful. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thurs 3/29/12

I overslept this morning. 

Sandman yanked me off my feet trying to chase my goats and I fell and got hurt again.

Let Billy out of the goat pen and put the girls and babies in there as Patti kept getting her neck stuck in the fence. The chickens LOVE the goat pen.

Cleaned Buddy/Allie and Murphys' cages. Changed their water and gave them dry/wet food and treats. 

Stacie fed/watered Davey, the goats, chickens and Bacon. 

Johnny and I went to Court FP, Pawn Shop, Iron feed store, McDonald's,Tractor Supply, and Walmart. 

Picked up my gun at the PawnShop. 
Got 2 creep, 2 dog food, 1 oats, 1 alfafa pellets, penicilin, 2 puppy shots, 6 4 pks veggie plants at Iron Feed. 
Got Johnny a chicken sandwich and both of us a soda at McD's. 
Got 2 ducklings, chick feed and puppy formula at TS. 
Got some clearance meat, block of cheese, light bulbs, amno, gun cleaning kit, gun oil and gun rags at Walmart. THEN realized my $100 Walmart Gift Card was missing. I am pretty sure I put it in my wallet, but it is GONE. I am not happy at all. As money is soooo tight for the month of April. 

Talked to Drew on im this afternoon. As usual he tells me what he thinks I want to hear. Tells me he is not living with Samantha, like I am fucking stupid. 

Stacie set up the ducklings cage for me. I gave StacyLynn her puppy shot and gave Cameron his puppy shot with some penicillin in it. I have been force feeding him puppy formula. 

I got Troy to show me how to load, clean and shoot my new 40 cal handgun.

Gave Cameron a bath in the bathhouse shower.

Made myself a cheese steak for a late lunch and had my last piece of cheesecake from my birthday party. 

DANG the flys are BAD. I think with the mild winter, all the bugs are gonna suck this yr! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed 3/28/12

Stacie checked all the dogs, while I got her food for the chickens and Bacon. I fed the loose birds, the pups, Molly and the cats.  Stacie and I put a tire and fencing around the fruit tree behind the cabin. Troy helped us do the one near the bath house.  We <Troy did the cutting> got the pine tree that was rubbing the bath house down. I let the chickens out of their coop incase the tree fell on it. It didn't hit the coop but it did ruin my mimosa tree. Then we took the cut off limbs to the fire pit and saved some of the pine cones for Xmas time. 

I am taking a break and then we hope to move the smallest storage shed and put the water tank and bottles in it. 

Storage shed moved but not totally set up yet. 

Got the duck back in the coop but not the chickens, they slept in the goat pen. 

We moved all the yardsale banana boxes into the mobile home for now. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tues 3/27/12

I cleaned Davey's, Britney/Sam/Hunters', and Freddie/Dolly's kennels. Cleaned their water buckets and gave them fresh water, can food and some dry food.

Johnny fed Billy, the chickens and Bacon.

I fed Molly and the cats and the pups the can food.

I gave Murphy 2 cans of dog food, as he doesn't seem to like the new dry food.

Troy, Stacie and I cleaned out the small storage shed. Stacie and Troy are moving the stuff where I want it.

The place is looking sooooo good, Gary <the neighbor> stopped and said about it this morning while we were working on the storage shed.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mon 3 26 12 update

Stacie and Troy ran to town and Stacie took Johnny in for his blood work.

Drew called. Said he didn't take the toys and tools. And that he will send me a check for the truck payment since he opened a new bank account with a new TX drivers license.

Put Buddy and Allie back in their pen after we cleaned it. Did a little laundry.

Tomorrow we have to clean kennels again. Still have to fix Hunter a cage to get him out of Sam and Britney's.

Mon 3/26/12

Woke up several times during the night with a headache. Got up early and took Sandman out to Buddys kennel. Got Buddy out of the car, walked him and brought him in the house. Got Stacie up to help with chores. I am working on cleaning the cabin. Stacie and Johnny fed the critters and checked the dogs. Stacie went to take Johnny for his lab work and the damn car wouldn't start. So now we are charging the battery and I am taking a breakfast break.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sun 3/25/12

Stacie and I got home around 4am to find the goats out. Here they destroyed the dog kennel so Hunter is still stuck in with Sam and Britney. We took a nap and got up around 7. Well Buddy and Allie somehow escaped and we couldn't catch them. Then after doing chores, Troy comes screaming that a dog was killing Bacon. F__ Buddy had tore up Bacon pen to get in at him.  I let Bacon out of the pen so I could catch Buddy. Since he managed to get out of an escape proof cage we have to figure out HOW.  So we stuck him in my car til we decided what to do. Then put Sandman in Buddy's kennel and brought Buddy in the house <he is housetrained>. Sooo did that for the day while we did other chores and then I took a nap. Now it is bed time so I put Buddy in my car with the windows down a bit and brought Sandman back in the house soooo we can get some sleep cause Sandman barked all day. I gave the neighbor some of the canned dog food we got from Charlene yesterday for his dogs. Now I am heading to bed. 

Sat 3/24/12

Bev and Johnny tended all the animals before I took Bev home to DFW.
Bev and I went to Plano and picked up Stacie, the girl that is helping me on the property.
Then I dropped Bev off and Stacie and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch. Got canned dog food from Charlene, which ROCKS!

Then the meet and greet at the Sterling.   We had a good crowded there. Then most everyone headed to Sanc for my birthday party. It was a wonderful night. My "date" Paul was sexy, funny and very sweet. I got some cool presents and more dog food. Brought home a bunch of leftovers!
We headed home at 1 and didn't get home til 4.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fri 3/23/12

Troy, Bev, Johnny and I cleaned up the junk pile behind Johnny's cabin and the wood/brush pile next to Johnny's cabin today. The place is looking wonderful. 

Mommasita is doing pretty good today.

I am excited about going to Dallas tomorrow for my birthday party. Troy will keep an eye on Johnny while I am gone. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thurs 3/22/12

Day from hell. Post is NOT in sequence. We managed to catch Billy, had to put him in the old girls pen due to him trying to hurt the babies after we got him in the pen with the girls. Buddy and Allie got loose. Dolly attacked Mommasita. Sooo I had to run across the property to break it up. Momma is now in the cabin to hopefully heal. Cleaned all dog cages, feed and watered everyone. Got a few groceries in town and picked up my meds. Took Johnny to his dr appt. I have to take him for lab work on Monday. Bev is going home tomorrow. I have decided I have to get rid of Dolly, I can't have an animal that attacks others. I am waiting to hear what Marie wants me to do with her. I need to pick up antibotics for Momma in the morning. It is always something on the homestead.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 BUSY DAY

Bev and Johnny fed all the dogs. I let Patti, Lucy, CocoaPuff and Little P out of their pen as it was SOAKED. Moved them to the temp pig pen. Well Lucy almost killed herself getting caught in the wire, she stuck her head threw and we had a heck of a time getting her back out. Then the babies got loose. So we decided to double up dogs and use a dog kennel for a temp pen. Then Lucy got her head stuck trying to get into Billy's pen. Soooo we left Billy out to exercise with the girls. We moved Hunter in with Sam and Brittney. We managed to catch Molly and put her in with Bacon. WELL she was nipping at him, sooooo moved her in with Buddy and Allie. Mommasita got loose when we tried to move her in with Freddie and Dolly. Troy helped us load the dog kennel onto his trailer. We moved the wire flooring and decided to use the large hole fencing for the flooring instead of the smaller hole fencing. SOOO moved and cut that wire too. I raked the area next to Bacon to put the goats and connected the dog kennel onto Bacon's kennel for the goats just til we get their pasture area ready. It took all day. We got Momma in the house and of course she got out. Finally Bev and Johnny got her in with Freddie and Dolly. It was a challenge getting Patti, Lucy, CocoaPuff and Little P into the kennel and of course when I was trying to get Billy in there, Patti got loose. BOY are these goats strong. We never did catch Billy or our rooster Prince. And both our ducks are missing. We are DONE for the day. I can't barely walk. And hurt sooo bad, I can't stand it.

Bev made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy and corn bread for dinner. YUMMY

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day Of Spring 3/20/12

WOOOOOO Spring is in, with it came Spring Showers! Anyway... Happy Spring Folks!

3/20/12 The Storm is here

It started storming around 330 this morning. I am glad we can't do anything outside today, cause I am worn out.

Went out and found the puppy enclosure pen, mopped a 1/3 of the cabin to set it up, put papers down, water bowl and puppys in it. Will mop rest of cabin later.

Well since the rain stopped, I went out to do laundry and Bev said the lid was off the goat feed. Of course it is mostly wet. BITCH, MOAN, CURSE....well you get the point...So we are drying goat food on window screens. <<<CROSSING fingers that it drys. Fed the wettest to the chickens and Bacon.

So did 2 loads of laundry and drug one kennel gate panel that needs repaired to the area where the dogs will be.

Every little thing I do, no matter how small, is progress. It is a great feeling to see the place getting cleaned up and things getting done.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mon 3/19/12

We got lots done today. I made sure all dogs had food and water. Didn't want to give too much food today as a bad storm is due tomorrow. Troy helped Bev, Johnny and I move the chicken coop, catch most of the chickens, move the pig pen and the second wood pile with his 4wheeler and trailer. The property is looking very nice. But dang I am tired!

We started the pups on sugar water bottles today as we are trying to get them weaned. They are already eating chicken/rice mush.

I went to pack my toybag today and realized ALOT of my good toys are gone. I ain't happy about it.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Good Morning Everyone. Boy it is hard trying to get the pups weaned. They are a month old now. And we are giving them chicken & rice, formula and canned dog food in a bowl. They are NOT liking the formula in a bowl. Cameron cried himself to sleep this morning instead of drinking it and he didn't like the dog food or the dog food mixed with formula. They do like the chicken & rice so Bev is cooking some of that for them. He will need a bath as he is covered in it, when he wakes up. And I will have to clean their cage for a second time this morning. 

BTW is anyone else having flea trouble? They are horrible here!

My foot is throbbing so not sure how much I will get done today. I need to be able to help when Sheila and Bobby gets here. So I am enjoying my breakfast and coffee and then will go do some laundry and get a shower after I finish. 

OK puppies bathed in the shower with me and defleaed as best as possible since they are too young for flea stuff. And I cleaned their kennel. 

I hope everyone has a great day. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today I fed, watered and cleaned the upper 4 dog kennels. Not doing anything else as my toe is killing me.

Gary my back neighbor came down and warned me about the tree over Johnny's cabin. Well I wish I had tons of money like he does and could afford a tree service to take the tree down. I called the next door neighbor Robert and he said the same thing.... get a tree service. Talked to my camper Troy and he too said that. WTF doesn't everyone get??? I am NOW SINGLE and while I can pay the bills, I can't afford a fucking tree service. 
Between the three of them and their combined equipment... chainsaws, tractors, rope, chain etc... I am sure we could safely either move Johnny's cabin or take the tree down. Where did the day of "everyone helps their neighbor go??" If someone needs my help... I am the first one to offer it. I am really disappointed that those days are gone. 

So Johnny will be crashing on my couch til I can figure something out.

Did some more laundry, raked some leaves, moved a few sheets of metal and moved some wood from the second wood pile in the evening before it got dark. 

UPDATE: Sheila and Bobby are gonna come try to take it down tomorrow. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

 I want to wish everyone a HAPPY ST PADDY's DAY! 

Friday, March 16, 2012


Long day ...only 3pm and I am done!

Cleaned Murphy's cage and changed his water and added more leaves.
Cleaned Allie and Buddys cage, gave them more food and water.
Took puppies outside for the day.
Moved 1/4 pile of wood with Bev and Johnny's help.
Rehurt my toe.
Showed Brad around the property.
Moved the puppy cage.
Swept the cabin.
Gave the goats water.
Did a couple loads laundry.

Bev fed Davey and burned brush.
Johnny watered the upper dogs.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Bev and I went to the feed store.... got 2 bags of creep and 1 dog food, then to Catholic to pick up copy of Bev's id, then Court Drive FP, then to met Tomas for lunch at Beijing Buffet but he didn't make it... so Bev and I bought some take out chinese and went to Krogers for some groceries. Stopped at an abandoned torn down mobile home to see if the roof pieces were any good... we couldn't get them apart as we didn't have tools with us, soooo grabbed some 2x4s' laying there, well my knee went out... I fell and hurt my little toe, hand and face. Got home ...unloaded the wood and realized my toe is broke. So I wobbled in the house...while Bev and Johnny brought in and put away the groceries. THEN Bev found Freddie and Sam loose. They both broke out of different kennels. UGGGGG So I was out there catching dogs and repairing kennels with my foot throbbing. THEN when Bev went to make Johnny's lunch <he wanted mac and cheese>, we found out Johnny ate an entire 2lb block of the cheese that was for mac and cheese. And he got nasty with us when we yelled at him about it, she can't make mac and cheese when he ate all the cheese. UGGH KIDS!!!!

Sooo now I am finally enjoying my chinese food with my feet up. Needless to say... the other 2 kennel will not be getting cleaned today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wed 3/14/12

Let's see our day started at 430- 5 when the puppies wanted their bottles.

 Then I started laundry, fed the cats and chickens, while bev fed the goats and pig and starting burning brush. 

Then we had breakfast. And I did emails and my zoo on facebook.

Troy borrowed the suv to pick up some of his stuff. 

I got Johnny up and peeked in the smallest storage shed. UGHHHHH That is gonna be ALOT of work. It will have to wait til another day! 

I just cleaned 4 dog kennels, scrubbed their water buckets, fed them, then gave the pig and goats fresh water. I am taking a break and then out to do the last 2 dog kennels. 

Well Bev, Johnny and I moved half of one of the wood piles, so I didn't clean the other two kennels today... I will do them tomorrow when I can walk again. 

Does all the Palestine Pharmacies have GOD COMPLEXES??? 
First repeatedly sucky service at Walmart.
Then Hometown nightmare, bad service and RUDE pharmacist. 
NOW Kroger had my prescriptions for 2 days and StILL doesn't have them all ready. Informed me there was a problem with my ins on the one script and another is no longer available. BUT they didn't have time to call my ins or dr or me to straighten this out. Doubt they will have my drugs ready for pickup tomorrow like they are supposed too. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tues 3/13/12

Done so far today.

I started laundry.
Bev feed the goats and pig.
We took the pups outside for exercise.
I raked behind the bath house.
Troy, Bev and I moved the hot tub deck.
We put the water tank on the decking.
Troy cleaned the bathroom roof off.
Bev, Johnny and I moved the metal roofing into a pile.
Bev, Johnny and I started moving brush to the burn pile.

Taking lunch break now.

UPDATE... I did more laundry.... put Drew's clothing I found in his trunk in case he comes back for them. Bathed Cameron in the shower with me. He took it pretty well. Bev made a delicious dinner of stew and rice and salad and peach cobbler. YUMMMY

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mon 3/12/12

WHAT A DAY already. Thank goodness the sun is out. My new foodstamp card came today.

Lets see Hometown Pharmacy was a joke this morning, they only got one of my prescriptions and the druggist yelled at me, after they didn't deliver our meds and didn't get all my prescriptions ready. I will NEVER go back so changing pharmacys again.

Walmart's meat guy wasn't in today, so no clearance meats.

Then get to check out at dollar tree and they no longer take food stamps.

Got to Krogers and they had NO clearance grocery items, clearance meats or frozen items. URRRGGG

The Dollar General didnt have any clearance foods either today.

So get home with my groceries and pinesol and by this point, I am in so much pain I can barely get out of the car. BUT the animals still need tended.

Bev and I fed and watered everyone, but I hurt tooo bad to clean kennels. I did leave the goats out to exercise for a bit. But they started eating my fruit trees and rose bush. So put them back in their pen.

Now I am taking a break and after while I will mop the cabin and bath the pups & clean their little cage. They are loving chicken and rice, but boy do they make a mess with it.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sun 3/11/12

It is still storming in East TX. So not getting anything done outside today and it is not worth getting soaked to do laundry. I did clean the puppies cage this morning. They loved the people milk I gave them last night and are enjoying chicken and rice mush as I type.

The drug store never made it here with my meds yesterday. So this is day 3 with no meds for Johnny and I except his depokate as we had another bottle here. I have a headache from hell and I hurt. GRRR This new drugstore is NOT scoring any points with me.

I am just researching small kitchen design online for the mobile home and drawing sketches of what I want done in the mobile home.

I had a left over sausage for breakfast and need a second cup of coffee.

UPDATE.... this day is starting to SUCK!

Drug store didn't bring our meds AGAIN and now they are closed. 
Johnny dumped scalding water over my legs and blanket. 
Johnny is acting out due to NO MEDS.
The mobile home roof, which Drew said wouldn't leak.... is soaking my new sub floor in my bedroom. The POS door Drew installed won't stay closed and there is still no second door on and the old windows lots of stuff getting wet. 
AND I am not dealing well with anything today since I have also been without meds since Wed. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sat 3/10/12

Not even noon yet and I rearranged the storage tent and started laundry. Bev, Johnny and I moved 90% of the bedroom junk up under the storage tent. I swept and mopped and rearranged some furniture in the cabin. It looks soooo much bigger and better now. But Bev and I are totally wiped out.

Johnny and I fed and watered all the dogs. Too wet to clean kennels.

Friday, March 9, 2012


put mobile home back together 
add sun room
build guest cabin
build barn
build green house
til and plant garden 
til and plant garden area for critter feed
build rain water catch system
add bathroom to cabin so I can rent it out
move dog kennels 
move critter pens
move, tear down and rebuild camper
move storage buildings/stuff
get other rv lots ready
put in water line to new animal areas
metal roofs for all kennels, pens & buildings for water catch
plant osage orange and berry bushes on fence line

Fri 3/9/12

Still overcast here in East TX. We had a hell of a storm last night. I straightened the kitchen this morning and Bev started laundry. Too wet to do anything outside today.  It is sooo peaceful. I love being stress free. LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

Went thru another box of stuff. Mopped the floor.

POOR MOMMASITA was returned today. She kept escaping from Chris's yard. She didn't get along with David, so I had to put David in the small kennel and put her and Hunter in the big kennel.

Still trying to get Johnny and my meds situation straightened out.

Really enjoying Bev's cooking. Hope I don't gain weight.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Goodmorning Folks. The pups had me up tooo much last night. It is only 10am and I am ready for bed. I cleaned out the discusting fridge today. YUCK!!!! And started some laundry. Not gonna do much else today as I can barely walk.

Swept the floor, moved the logs to form the garden outline. Got to mop and shower after lunch.

Bev made fried chicken and potatoe salad for lunch. I mopped the floor. Bev washed the pups and I dried them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wed March 7th

OH I hurt! Over did it today. Went to Angel food, then Walmart... picked up some clearance meat...and then to their pharmacy where as usual they were idiots. So told them I was switching drug stores. Also got more puppy formula at tractor supply and went to check out a different drug store. Got home and Bev made steak sandwiches for lunch while, I boxed the remaining junk from my bed area and put away the groceries. After lunch I moved a big pile of logs from near Troy's campspot onto his trailer while Bev & Johnny moved sm limbs to the burn pile, then moved everything out of our garden area where I unloaded the logs with Bev and Johnny's help. Bev and Johnny put a tarp over Hunters kennel. Bev made some Boudin sausage things and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. Now she is asleep and I am watching TV. Chris called today and said Mommasita keeps breaking out of his yard and so he will be returning her in the near future when they return from their trip. Puppies and Goats doing fine. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It is my son Jeff's birthday today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFEY!

This morning Bev, Johnny and I.... feed and watered all the critters, moved the junk paneling to the burn pile, picked up more trash around the property, burned the trash and moved everything out of the mobile home bedroom. Bev made a nice breakfast of Bacon, Eggs and Toast. The bottle babies Staci and Cameron are doing great. It's only 9:30 in the morning and we are exhausted.

11:27am Update.... I cleaned Daveys, Sam & Brittney's and Fred & Dollys kennels while Bev raked leaves and Johnny brought them to me to put over the wire in the bottom of the three kennels. I also reinforced the repair job on Freddie & Dolly's kennel cause they were trying to tear it apart again. I fixed the tarp over Davey's kennel. Now Bev is making lunch, while I have my aching feet up...waiting my pain pill to kick in.

Jim from north of Tyler came for a visit and we invited him to stay for supper.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Bev and I ran errands this morning. I paid the mortgage, so that is a relief. Got a bag of bread at the bread store and they had TASTY CAKES.... woohooo my FAVORITE from PA, which I have never found before in TX. And I got three boxes that was in the clearance bin!

Bev made sandwiches and fries for lunch. I bathed the pups. All animals are tended.

The neighbor JP came over and offered to help us work on the mobile home, so that is awesome. Bev has been working on the burn pile. So tomorrow Bev and I will move everything from the bedroom in the mobile to the living room.

My son Bobby came to check on me. He helped me put all the boxes back under my bed. Things in the cabin are really shaping up. Bev is grilling chicken for our dinner.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sun 3/4/12

Goodmorning! It is a chilly day in East TX. I am starting to form what will be my daily routine. So far this morning I took the dogs out, walked Sandman, fed Bacon, the goats, cats and chickens.... then got Johnny up... made him toast and cocoa for breakfast. Straightened the kitchen area and swept the floor. Now I am doing email, watching HGTV and having some coffee. 

I stayed up late and fed the twins before I went to bed so I  only had to get up once with them during the night. When they wake up, I will fed and bath them. Then mop the cabin and start laundry. When it warms up I will try to clean the other three kennels but my knee is killing me already due to all the walking I did yesterday. 

The cabin is really starting to shape up. I am organizing and cleaning as I go thru all the storage stuff that was all over the place. Hopefully I will be done later this week. 

I lost one of my sterling silver rings yesterday and have no idea when it fell off my finger, so I am sure it is gone for good. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know I am LOVING the peace and quiet. 

UPDATE ON PRINCESS AND MOLLY. Princess never showed up and I still can't catch Molly. 

9:41 am
OMG I can't believe it isn't even 10am and I am exhausted & my knee is throbbing. The twins don't like the puppy formula and are giving me problems taking their bottle. Bacon tore his new pen apart and escaped. So instead of cleaning kennels.... I had to repair his old pen which Freddie tore apart yesterday... chase Bacon... finally tricked him by throwing food into  his old kennel,  and moved and filled his swimming pool. 

Gave the goats fresh water, started laundry, mopped the cabin, went thru another storage box and now enjoying a coffee break.
It has really been a busy day. Michelle brought Hunter back with a small pen for him, a dog house, a big bag of dog food and some sample packs of food. I got him some treats and a big bowl for water. Her husband Todd, filled the three feeders for me. Got rid of the shoe boxes under the coffee table, cleaned off the coffee table. Put all the dirty dishes out on the porch, til I can get to them. Fed the pups again. Gave the goats hay. Put more laundry in. Made Johnny soup for lunch.  Got a chicken out to cook tonight. Bev is on her way. And I am just catching up on ZooWorld and taking a break. 
Bev, her sil & Alice her daughter got here about an hour ago. They are out burning trash and I am resting, watching TV. I have chicken in the crock pot and gonna make alfredo chicken pasta for dinner. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today 3/3/12

Johnny and I went to the bank and of course their computers were down so I couldn't get the mortgage money out. Then on to the feed store, I got 4 bags of creep and 4 bags of dog food and 1 bag oats and 1 garbage bag of hay <WTF? $11.50 for a garbage bag of hay??? UGH!>, cost me $122. Then on to walmart where I picked up puppy formula and some ham & cheese for lunch. Got home and Freddie and Molly tore up the gate of their kennel and escaped. Caught Dolly before she got out of the kennel. Caught Freddie and put him in the other kennel. Well he chewed thru that kennel too. ALL while the pups are screaming to be fed. I fixed his kennel but still can't catch Molly. Came back in bathed both pups but they don't like the puppy formula and I don't want to keep giving them goat formula since it is giving them the diarea. Once they went to sleep I made a sandwich, started laundry, and did a little more on the cabin. I am exhausted. I will go out and check all the dogs' water and feeders after I rest.

UPDATE.... still haven't been able to catch Molly but she won't go anywhere. I cleaned Murphy's kennel and Buddy/Allie's kennel before it got dark tonight. Tomorrow I will do the other three kennels.

Friday, March 2, 2012

50 today

I will spend the day alone. Drew and Samantha moved out this morning. Soooo I have stripped the bed, gotten my shower, feed the chickens, started the laundry, gotten Johnny up, now taking a coffee break before I start cleaning the cabin. I hope I am capable of moving my bed alone cause Drew's puppy and my Chihuahua are not housetrained and they have gone potty under the bed. Plus I want to use the headboard as a guard infront of the window so Sandman can't jump out the window when it is open. Got to get some stuff done before it is time to feed the bottle babies again. I have named the twins, after my grandchildren....Cameron and Staci.

Andrew has already called to wish me a Happy Birthday. Cody sent me a Happy Birthday email and called. SlaveRose called. Several friends have wished me a Happy Birthday online as well. My son Mikey called me LAST fri to wish me a Happy Birthday LOL. I am blessed.

UPDATE.... I managed to move my bed ALONE. OHHHHH what a mess under and around it. Taking a break before I tackle that chore! Washing all my pillows and bedding now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Princess ran away

Princess ran off about 5 this morning. I am not sure how she got out. She must have climbed out of the kennel, but there is a tarp on it??? I have been bottle feeding her pups all day.