Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our new turkeys and chicks

We bought 3 2wk old turkeys last night and then today low and behold...Ethel came home with 4 newborn babys! Enjoy the pics!

Got to spend last night with Andrew

It has been 2 yrs since I saw Andrew and I was fortunate that he came to Dallas this week, got to see him in Tyler on Mon and Ennis last night before he went back to MS.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Going to Rice TX today

One of my groups are having a picnic today. So we are tending critters, then once we put the ice bottles out for the rabbits at 11, we are gonna head out.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Service for Chemo Patients

This organization serves the entire U.S. and currently has 547 partners
to help. Their link is . I wish I had
known of this service when I was in treatment. --- Cancer Survivor in
Navasota, Texas

more information at

New chicken yard


Trip helping





Asa, Greg and Drew

Karen and her million dollar smile

Trip and MaDonna

Johnny supervising


Juliet didn't make it. I am sad to report.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surviving Birds

One barred rock hen we will call Henryetta , our Sexlink Rooster Mr Red, our redcap Reba, and our cochen MsFancy all showed up today! Later in the day our female Moscovy duck Juliet came home...hurt but home. We got her in the new chicken yard with her pool and Phylis. We hope to catch Prince, Henryetta, MrRed, Reba and MsFancy tonight when they bed down.

Police cut up homeless tents

What is our world coming too, when police cut up the only shelter homeless people have?

Fowl Update

Romeo didn't make it but Prince my polish game rooster came back... of course we can't catch him and so I fear he will get ate too. Murphy has been moved to another kennel this morning. And I am still a wreck.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was violently ill around 130pm today and Drew talked me into going to the ER. We got home to a nightmare, my sons dog had gotten out of his kennel and killed one of our cats and most of our chickens, only 10 birds alive that we saw. Drew fixed his kennel and put him back in. We went out to put up our 10 birds as we do every night <they free range during the day> to find Murphy had tore up the kennel again and killed more birds... all we found was Phyliss our Polish Game Hen and Romeo our Moscovy Drake <male duck>... and he will probably be dead by morning from his wounds. I am sick and heartbroken. I loved sitting out in our yard watching my birds. Most of them I raised from a couple days old. All my silkies, my salmon favorelle breeding pair, all my silver lace wynndots, Cher my other Polish Game hen..I have never beaten an animal before in my life... well after the second round I took one of the dead chickens and beat that dog senseless, if I had had a rifle I would have shot him. He wasn't hungry... he didn't eat them... just senselessly killed them and my kitten Lucky. I can't stop crying. The dog is now in a wire crate inside the now empty chicken coop til morning when I can think rationally.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HOMELESS TENT CITIES springing up NOW in America...

WHAT THE F__K is wrong with this picture??? While we give millions away to other countrys we have homeless and starving in our country TODAY!


You all know we are planning an addition on our 16x24 cabin. I just scored a free large corner garden tub via Freecycle and we will pick it up tomorrow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Message body

Thanks to everyone that came out. We had a ton of folks at The Sterling, over 40 at SAnc <WHERE WAS EVERYONE?>, and an intimate pool party. The weekend was wonderful and I want to thank Camo Claus, TC, our elves would made the presents <slave rose, karbear and whitemoon> and who helped all evening <Charles and Meghan>. I HUGE thankyou to Miss Lily for opening her home to us, and for Lady Maggie and Karla for hosting it.

This group is amazing and we hope to see more of you in August. Master Cage is checking on a discount rate at our fav hotel for a hotel party. So keep your ears opened.

We collected a bunch of stuff for the homeless shelter and a bunch of food for the rescue. BIG BIG thanks to Tom, Slave Rose, Danni, Alexis, Phoenix Momma and Scrapdog for those donations. Sorry if I missed anyone else that brought food or gave a cash donation for the rescue but it was a pretty crazy night. Grins.

Love you all and can't wait til next time!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pics from Karen's visit last week.

Bunny and Dolly

Bunny hugging Dolly

My girls!

Little Bit was abandoned in a rental in East TX

Little Bit is looking for a FOREVER HOME

Diesl, Little Bit, BooBoo and one of the girls in bed with Karen

Dolly and BooBoo

Karen getting mobbed

Bunny and Dolly playing

Karen, Booboo and Dolly

BooBoo giving Karen Kisses

Dolly giving Karen kisses

Booboo and Dolly playing on the bed

A very spoiled Dolly!

BooBoo and Little Bit

Little Bit and Diesel


Bunny crashed!

Little Bit getting kisses from BooBoo

BooBoo and Bunny

Bunny and Karen



Little Bit

A very happy Dolly!
My camera broke and so did my laptop so this new laptop doesn't have a card reader... so bought an external one today for $13 at Walmart and so here is the pics on my son's camera. Ain't they all spoiled??? LOL