Friday, July 1, 2011

Registration ...yesterday.

FINALLY we got both the SUV and the TRUCK registered. Paid the mortgage and cell phone bill yesterday. Tried out the new Ocean Buffet Chinese place in Palestine. Got some goat, chicken, rabbit and dog food as well as hay at the Iron feed store in town. Went to the local pet store and boy are they expensive. Did pick up two tiny bags of Nutro for the cats and one for the inside dogs cause I had great coupons $7 and $5 off. At Walmart we got the DiGiorno Pizza combos, mine with wyngs and his with breadsticks cause we had $2 off coupons, I was not impressed with the wyngs which I tried for supper... I hope the pizza is better. I also got two piece of material... one to make a dress and the other a hot tub wrap. The one was shades of purple with a smocked top and the other a shimmering gray ...the gray was on the clearance table for only $1.50 a yd and I bought 2 yards of that; the purple was expensive $10.97 and bought 1.5 yds but for under $20 for a pretty sundress is not bad at all.  Also picked up some dog and cat food there we had coupons for. Didn't get home til around 7pm and never did get to the drugstore coupon deals. That is ok.... I will check them out today. Still looking for a large binder for my coupons, must be a 3 inch and thinking I am gonna have to get the $20 one at Office Depo... but gonna look around while in Tyler tomorrow for one. Drew and I really busted ass organizing coupons yesterday. Organization is the key for sure.

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