Friday, July 22, 2011

Pics from Karen's visit last week.

Bunny and Dolly

Bunny hugging Dolly

My girls!

Little Bit was abandoned in a rental in East TX

Little Bit is looking for a FOREVER HOME

Diesl, Little Bit, BooBoo and one of the girls in bed with Karen

Dolly and BooBoo

Karen getting mobbed

Bunny and Dolly playing

Karen, Booboo and Dolly

BooBoo giving Karen Kisses

Dolly giving Karen kisses

Booboo and Dolly playing on the bed

A very spoiled Dolly!

BooBoo and Little Bit

Little Bit and Diesel


Bunny crashed!

Little Bit getting kisses from BooBoo

BooBoo and Bunny

Bunny and Karen



Little Bit

A very happy Dolly!
My camera broke and so did my laptop so this new laptop doesn't have a card reader... so bought an external one today for $13 at Walmart and so here is the pics on my son's camera. Ain't they all spoiled??? LOL

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