Thursday, July 26, 2012




Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tues 7/24/12

We made the dogs peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast as they love them. I made Johnny and I coffee and toast for breakfast. We are watching one of the Nightmare on Elmstreet movies again. UGHHH I have heated water and have dishes soaking. I am gonna do some laundry here in a bit. I get frustrated that I can only do a little at a time. I wish I had more money and some help out here. So much I want to get done.

Evening Update... We gave the dogs treats tonight and topped off everyone's water. Put a tarp over the extra kennel. Took Marshia to the ER, she has torn ligaments in her leg. Took her and Johnny to her house so he can help her this week. I got home on fumes.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sat 7/21/12

I wormed BeBop and the inside dogs today. Picked up 2 bales of hay for the kennels. Met Charles for breakfast at Denny's and stopped at a couple yard sales. My leg is still killing me.

Fri July 20th BeBop

A lady from Walgreen's caught a chihuahua that had been running loose in her neighborhood for weeks and brought him here after a 3 hr bath of removing fleas. Of course he is underweight and has an injuried paw. I am calling him BeBop. He is very scared. Poor baby.

I cleaned all the kennels and water buckets. All animals tended.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Since Johnny was at his mom's I feed the critters myself this morning. Then went to get him and took his mom to the dr and went to a couple thrift stores and one yardsale. Johnny and I went to subs n dogs for lunch.
This evening with Johnny standing guard, I cleaned all water buckets, all kennels and topped off the critter bowls with feed.
We are having baked mac and cheese for dinner.

Spindletop RAIDED... my heart is breaking

Spindletop was raided and almost 300 dogs seized. My heart is breaking as we worked so hard to get David, Dolly and Sandman into their boarding and training program.




Marie is gonna try to get them back, but nothing is known yet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Millie and Willie Adopted 7/17/12

Woohooo my friend Kim and her family from Abilene took Millie and Willie home with them tonight. I am down to 13 dogs. Getting closer to that knee surgery I need.


I spent alot of the day in bed yesterday I was sooo tired.

Today we tended the critters and then  I took Johnny to his mom's, got a bag of bread and some goodies at the bread store, got some buckets, boric acid and bug gel, shipping boxes and other odds and ends at Walmart.

My right leg is killing me again. So took some pain pills.

Mopped the cabin.

Have a group member coming with her children to look at Millie and Willie. I am hoping they will adopt them.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sun July 15th 2012

Johnny and I had a good day. We tended to the critters. Then we had a movie picnic in the yard. I made cheeseburgers and juice and we took the laptop outside where we watched Shark movies on Netflix. Then we did some work on the lumber. It was overcast and cool today, a nice change. I bombed the cabin while we were outside. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sat July 14th 2012

Johnny and I overslept. So I tended the critters myself. The cats dug out of their new cat house so I left the door open for them and will only feed them in their so they get the idea.

Went and got more lumber. Rebecca sent her son and her employee to help me , so we took their trailer and picked up Bobby on the way. Nice to have alot of help today.

Treated Johnny to a Sonic Meal. Now Johnny and I are going out to do some work. It never ends. UGHHH lol

UPDATE... we did some work on the lumber. I am soooo tired. UGHH

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fri July 13th 2012

I am talking to a nice guy who I hope to meet in the near future. It is nice to feel wanted.

Today Johnny and I tended critters. I moved the ducks into the empty kennel, put the chickens into the ducks old kennel, and cleaned out the chicken coop. Tonight I hope to move the chicken coop and put the cats as I catch them in there. Johnny hung up his sleeping bag I washed on the line. I took apart another piece of the old cabin walls today. Tonight I plan on doing more. The place is shaping up but my camera is missing so I can't post pics.

Johnny and I have a great life here.

Fri July 13th 2012 MY WILL


I plan on leaving the property to all five of my sons Robert Snyder, Sherman Snyder Jr, Michael Snyder, Jeffrey Maurer 2, Jeremy Maurer, my grandchildren Cameron Lawson and StacyLynn Maurer as well as any future grandchildren, and Benjamin Neidlinger the child of my heart... in time of my death. Any of them may use the property as long as they pay the taxes and never sell it. It MUST be passed down to my descendants. Only my descendants and their spouses may have use of this property. Any rental properties on the place moneys will go to the utilities, and care of the property. Any descendant that wishes to live here may do so but must pay his/her own utilities. The property may NEVER be sold, traded or given away. Johnny Snyder my nephew and my current animals are to be allowed to live on the property until their natural deaths, Johnny retains possesion of his cabin until his death or til his mom removes him from the property. Johnny's mothers bf Mark is NOT allowed to step foot on the property due to his being a drunk and thief. All my "junk" may be sold and the money applied to any outstanding balance on the property, if no balance then it may be used for property upkeep. The property will be paid off April 2017. I hope I am still alive long after that date but if not than the rental income will contribute to the mortage payments of $810 amonth. All five of my sons, Johnny<as long as he lives on the property> and Ben will have to split the rest of the mortgage payments. My "husband" has promised to sign off the property as part of our divorce agreement. Hopefully this will have been done.

I don't want to waste money on a funeral. Donate my organs and skin and eyes to whomever needs them and bury the rest of me on my land.

THIS is my LAST WILL and TESTAMENT and everyone that reads this are my witnesses. My old will is NULL AND VOID!!!

Copies of this are being sent to my children and Ben, to my mom Bobbi Ifkowitz, to my SIL Kris Snyder, posted on my blog and to my fet group and to my facebook page. This will is not to be contested. I am of sound mind and body.

April Dawn Burton

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thurs July 12th 2012

Today I got the money from my camper.  I went to Court FP  I picked up mine and Johnny's meds and some groceries at Krogers. I got us Wendy's for lunch. I grabbed some school supplies for my grandson Cameron too. 

Made some egg rolls and sweet potatoe fries for supper. I did some more work on the reclaimed lumber, pulled some apart, pulled some nails and stacked those I got the nails out of. 

Got to play with my 4 cats, they all came out to watch me work on the lumber. Fatcat <the feral momma> also came over but as usual I couldn't touch her. I still need to recatch her and her babies so I can get them vetted. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tues July 10th 2012

Johnny and I got the critters done. Brittany got loose and was determined to kill my goats today. She is gonna have to be placed in another rescue. I will be working on placing her this week.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Woohoo Paid the elec and phone/internet

The money from my ex came today, so I was able to pay the elec bill and the phone/internet. Once I get the rest of my money from my camper I will pay the cell and my suv reg and hopefully still have a little left over for gas to get to my munch. I don't mind being broke once the bills are paid.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday July 8th 2012

Interesting Weekend. First yesterday I was accused of being racist! REALLY??? My boytoy is black, the man that stole my heart is hispanic, my DIL is black... I date white, black and hispanic men. GRRR

Then of course yesterday NO check from Drew so I still can't pay my elec or phone/internet or cell bill. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Today his "sub" bitches me out for having people tell her to have Drew contact me. F--K that and her. Once the paperwork is signed for the property settlement and he signs the divorce papers, they will NEVER hear from me again. I have better things to do with my time.

Yesterday we had a horrible storm. No elec for a few hrs, no phone or internet off and on til this evening when I finally got the internet working. It was so bad it took down a big tree in the yard.

Hopefully tomorrow the money from Drew will come as I have bills to pay and places to go.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fri July 6th

Nothing exciting to report , the last 2 days were really quiet. I am waiting for my money to come from my ex so I can pay the bills and have some gas money to go get more lumber from the house in NewSummer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Johnny and I tended all the critters, then went to Krogers and got some good deals between clearance, sales and coupons.
Then we stopped at Wendy's and got a $1 sandwich and small frosty for both of us. 

Heard from David today. Seems his "gf" used up his money after she got him to quit his job and then dumped him. Sorry to say, I saw it coming. 

Jesse called and said he will be staying in Tyler as there are more jobs there which is good. So back to the drawing board looking for help out here. 

I hope everyone has a SAFE HOLIDAY!!! God Bless our Service Men and Women who fight for our Independance! LET FREEDOM RING!!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Trials

It has been a hell of a month! Let's see I was robbed. Had an AC break <got that fixed>, my laptop broke <got a new one tonight.... THANKS Kris!>, my fridge broke so I lost a bunch of food<thanks Bunny for the new one & thanks Birdie and Veuve for bringing it to me>, had the first new laptop break that Kris sent me, my picture tube went on my tv <making due with Johnny's tiny tv, my satelite went out <it was fixed this morning after 5 days>, tried to get Direct TV hooked up as Dish got rid of AMC which means no Walking Dead this coming weekend....SOBBING!!!!! but Direct couldn't get a signal on my property, got a flat 60 miles from home <got home on a fix a flat and got the tire fixed the next day>, birdie got a flat when he brought the fridge, and today my friend Laney moved my stock trailer for me and tried to move the storage camper but of course the camper has flats tires from sitting and she got a flat. Won't mention the financial or health issues I am dealing with either. UGHHHHHHH
NOW what I have realized .... God gives us these trials so we can see how BLESSED we are with wonderful friends! Thankyou guys and gals. I am VERY VERY lucky to have you all in my life.