Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Trials

It has been a hell of a month! Let's see I was robbed. Had an AC break <got that fixed>, my laptop broke <got a new one tonight.... THANKS Kris!>, my fridge broke so I lost a bunch of food<thanks Bunny for the new one & thanks Birdie and Veuve for bringing it to me>, had the first new laptop break that Kris sent me, my picture tube went on my tv <making due with Johnny's tiny tv, my satelite went out <it was fixed this morning after 5 days>, tried to get Direct TV hooked up as Dish got rid of AMC which means no Walking Dead this coming weekend....SOBBING!!!!! but Direct couldn't get a signal on my property, got a flat 60 miles from home <got home on a fix a flat and got the tire fixed the next day>, birdie got a flat when he brought the fridge, and today my friend Laney moved my stock trailer for me and tried to move the storage camper but of course the camper has flats tires from sitting and she got a flat. Won't mention the financial or health issues I am dealing with either. UGHHHHHHH
NOW what I have realized .... God gives us these trials so we can see how BLESSED we are with wonderful friends! Thankyou guys and gals. I am VERY VERY lucky to have you all in my life.

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