Friday, July 13, 2012

Fri July 13th 2012 MY WILL


I plan on leaving the property to all five of my sons Robert Snyder, Sherman Snyder Jr, Michael Snyder, Jeffrey Maurer 2, Jeremy Maurer, my grandchildren Cameron Lawson and StacyLynn Maurer as well as any future grandchildren, and Benjamin Neidlinger the child of my heart... in time of my death. Any of them may use the property as long as they pay the taxes and never sell it. It MUST be passed down to my descendants. Only my descendants and their spouses may have use of this property. Any rental properties on the place moneys will go to the utilities, and care of the property. Any descendant that wishes to live here may do so but must pay his/her own utilities. The property may NEVER be sold, traded or given away. Johnny Snyder my nephew and my current animals are to be allowed to live on the property until their natural deaths, Johnny retains possesion of his cabin until his death or til his mom removes him from the property. Johnny's mothers bf Mark is NOT allowed to step foot on the property due to his being a drunk and thief. All my "junk" may be sold and the money applied to any outstanding balance on the property, if no balance then it may be used for property upkeep. The property will be paid off April 2017. I hope I am still alive long after that date but if not than the rental income will contribute to the mortage payments of $810 amonth. All five of my sons, Johnny<as long as he lives on the property> and Ben will have to split the rest of the mortgage payments. My "husband" has promised to sign off the property as part of our divorce agreement. Hopefully this will have been done.

I don't want to waste money on a funeral. Donate my organs and skin and eyes to whomever needs them and bury the rest of me on my land.

THIS is my LAST WILL and TESTAMENT and everyone that reads this are my witnesses. My old will is NULL AND VOID!!!

Copies of this are being sent to my children and Ben, to my mom Bobbi Ifkowitz, to my SIL Kris Snyder, posted on my blog and to my fet group and to my facebook page. This will is not to be contested. I am of sound mind and body.

April Dawn Burton

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