Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well I finally switched hosting companies from godaddy to hostgator. Check out my website and tell me what you think! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sun Nov 3rd Old Fashioned Carnival

There is a carnival in Palestine this week and I took Johnny. OMG we had a blast. They had a bunch of the old fashioned rides from when I was a kid. I loved it. We didn't stay long or spend alot but Johnny went on 4 rides and I went on 3 and he played 2 games.
We only spent $25 and it was well worth it. I wanted funnel cake but not enough to pay $6 for one!

It really was a trip down memory lane on the tilt a whirl and the ferris wheel.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sat 11/3/12

Day 4 of trying to set up my website with hostgator. I am thinking they are as bad as godaddy!

I have tended the critters. And still the battle goes to save Lacy from this damn diarea. Katie and Mindy, as well as the other cats seem to be doing much better.

I am waiting for Larry to come over and then we will be going to pick up the lumber and tear up the floor at Davids pink house. I wish I was healthier, so much needs done here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Johnny and I tended the critters. We moved some more wood. Ron the repair guy came and said the dryer will cost more to fix then it is worth. So there went $45 down the drain. I am making meat balls sandwiches for lunch. I got Johnny a spiderman bag and asst goodies for halloween. We are watching a zombie movie and tonight we are going to a pumpkin party at a local church.

The church party was fun. Their was picture taking, face painting, potluck dinner, bingo and trick or trunking. Johnny won a scoobydo coloring book.

Tues Oct 30th 2012

Yesterday I cleaned all cages and put fresh hay in the boxes. Cindy got out of the car while I was unloading and damn if I can find her. I am worried sick. I caught Cinders, Sandy and Patches and brought them in last night due to how cold it is outside. I double fed the dogs last night, so I don't have to feed them today. I want to buy feeders so it doesn't kill me everyday tending them.

This morning Lacy is sicker, water diarea and throwing up. I gave her some special food and meds.

I have Mindy inside also due to how cold it is outside. I still need to catch Molly and FatCat. I need to buy or borrow a trap.

Not sure what I am gonna do today. Maybe start moving some wood piles.

I found Cindy dead outside which kills me.

Went to town. Got a bag of bread and tasty cakes. Picked up a few things at the dollar tree. Filled up on gas. I estimate I am getting 350 miles to a tank. Picked up a heater at the Family dollar. Found a guy that will deliver a roll of hay for $50.

I piled some wood when I got back from town. Johnny fed the chickens and the goats have a bale of hay.

Have the dryer repair guy coming tomorrow.