Monday, April 30, 2012

Mon April 30th 2012

Goodmorning Everyone! Johnny, Marsh and I tended the critters this morning. Buddy and Allie escaped for a bit. I am chatting with Paul and waiting to leave for my dr appt.

Drew im'ed me last night and said he is still coming home after his surgery.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sat and Sun April 28th and 29th 2012

David followed me to pick up the apt size fridge and the guy never showed up, reached his wife who said they called and left a message saying they were stuck at a job. So wasted time and gas, they were supposed to bring the fridge to us in the evening but that didn't happen either.

I had a wonderful evening with Paul at Sanc. I love my new toys.

Picked up Marshia and Mark around 2 and was on the way home by 230. We got home around 530. Mark and Johnny tended the critters and Marshia made breakfast.

They are rearranging Johnny's cabin. And I am going back to bed.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fri April 27th 2012

Critters are all tended. I saw the missing Guinea last night which is awesome!

I got news that Davey and Dolly was accepted at Spindletop, a pit bull rescue which is fantastic.
Marie is picking them up on May 7th and taking them. But Michelle is bringing Goldie back that day.

Freddie got loose today so I had to jimmie rig the kennel again. GRRRR

I can't wait til tomorrow night and some down time.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thurs April 26th 2012

My mom turns 68 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

All critters tended and car is loaded for Dallas.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wed April 25th

What a morning.

Spec threw up on the bed.
The outside dogs were up before 6am.
Johnny smashed my right thumb in Dolly/Freddie's kennel gate.
I tripped and sliced my left foot getting out of their kennel.
Marie can't come to bring the money to get Davey and Dolly's kennels materials again.
Got an email from Sheila.... she sold Little Patrick.
Marshia called .... my niece Faith was arrested last night.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tues 4/24/12

Johnny and I got all the critters tended, I did some dishes, went thru 2 boxes of junk, swept and mopped the cabin, brought in an end table and made breakfast of turkey sausage, whole grain toast and duck eggs.

Last night I caught Molly and brought her in for the night so she didn't bother the kenneled dogs. Heavy duty equipment somewhere on the road drove the dogs nuts early this morning which woke me up. I think I need a nap.

Paul bought me a new cane today in NY...woohoo I love new toys.

Drew im'ed me says he is having mild minimaly invasive lumbar decompression on May 17th in Temple TX.
Hopefully that will give him some relief.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mon April 23rd 2012

It is great to have Johnny home. He helped me do all the critters this morning and we got alot of the trash picked up. I am hurting but not exhausted after the morning chores!

Got an offline message from Drew that he heard about Paul and so he will just move to Arizonia.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sun April 22nd 2012

Well I managed to get all the critters fed and watered but what I have feared finally happened, I fell getting into Davey's pen. Luckily I was able to grab him and prevent him from escaping.... but I hurt my back and my leg and couldn't get up for quite a while. No one here to help me as usual soooo the cages will not be getting cleaned today. I barely managed to make it to the shower and then to the cabin. I know I keep saying this... but I really can't keep going alone. Drew messaged me yesterday, but I wasn't home so I have no idea what he wanted.

Marshia contacted me, the place she lived had their water shut off 8 days ago and she needed me to get Johnny. SOOOO luckily Norris was able to get him and meet me in Fairfield with him. Boy what a mess! 8 days without a shower or water.... YUCK!

Sat 4/21/12

It was not a good day, I got NO sleep and the neighbor Curtis came over and yelled at me at 7 while I was doing the critters about him not getting any sleep. I told him I can't control wild animals that are after my livestock...driving my dogs nuts. He told me he has had a breeding pair on mountain lions on his property for the last 9 yrs and he feeds them. And that Leon tried homesteading here too and it didn't work either. Implying that the mountain lions would continue to kill my livestock????

I was gonna do some cleaning up on the property but got an email from a contractor gentleman about my help ad so I went to Jacksonville to meet him. Nice guy Charlie so we went to the Chap something auction outside Tyler.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lazy Day Fri 4/20/12

I actually got some sleep but woke up to puppy messes. YES plural. UGGHHH

I tended the critters and took a nap. I would have slept all day if Dixie hadn't woke me up to go out.

David can't come over this weekend which sucks.

I did do a load of laundry and repacked my bug out bag and did a few dishes.

But I really need a few days of rest.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thurs 4/19/12 No Sleep Again

The outside dogs had me up at 1, the inside dogs at 3, the outside dogs at 6. I honestly don't know how I can keep going on so little sleep. I still have to water the garden and change Murphy's water. And I should do some laundry.

10:20am update.... Watered the garden, changed Molly's water, heated water for dishes, started laundry, got some dishes soaking and now enjoying a break and my coffee. Made fried chicken wrap and mushroom soap for breakfast.

430pm update... made some fried meatballs for lunch, did some dishes, cleaned out under sink, and cleaned out inside chest freezer.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wed 4/18/12 Changing Dr's

WHAT A DAY.... Freddie chewed out of his cage at 3 am.... I got back to bed around 5 for a short nap. Went to town to Walmart to pick up the flea stuff Willow told me about, to Krogers to get my meds, to the post a note I need to change primary care drs.

Came home tended all the animals. Took a break. Then gave the inside dogs the left over chicken. Then Chris called about picking up the Montera. So then I went up and cleaned it out. Johnny had it packed with stuff. Then gave StacyLynn a bath. Put the new flea stuff on her, Bunny, Jade, Dixie and Spec. Now taking a break.

Took wings out to thaw for supper.

They couldn't take the Montera cause I don't have the keys. GRRRRR

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tues April 17th 2012

I have got to move the dogs. I don't know where but I have got to get some sleep. Every bird, goat, cat or dog that walks near their kennels sets them off. I am so tired, I can barely stand up today. Everyone is fed. I need to refill Sam/Momma's water and change Murphys <he likes to dig in the leaves> but I need to wait til my pain meds kick in. I never made it to town yesterday. But I did find the other AAA rechargeable battery soooo my remote is up and working again. The pharmacy was waiting for one script from my dr so I figured no sense going in to town twice.

Filled Sam/Momma's water and started laundry. Had toast and coffee for breakfast. Put chicken in for supper.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mon 4/16/12

TIRED... all the dogs are feed but I have to run to town and pick up my meds, a flea comb and aaa batteries. I have to top off some water buckets but everything else is good. I am just soooo dang tired. I am not getting enough sleep and I am working tooo hard. I wish I could find someone dependable that wants to live out here.

990 N for Rescue Filed

HIP HIP HOORAY... I got the rescue's 990 filed.

For future reference...
 my dln  is 17053333022016

and my ein is 743193149

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sun 4/15/12

Lucy seems better today. But I woke up to bloody diara/vomit all over the cabin. I worry that the animals got some poison somehow.

I tended the dogs/critters that needed done today. Cleaned the cabin. Picked up trash around the property but with the rain I didn't get much else done.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sat April 14th 2012

David stayed over last night. Today we got all the dogs fed/watered and the kennels cleaned. David and Troy got the tall walls up on the tent. David and I moved the rest of the stuff under the tent. I actually took a nap I was so tired and he went home.

I am worried about my goat Lucy, she is sick today. So I gave her a shot of penicillin and some dewormer. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I need to clean the cabin and anchor the tent down.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fri April 13th 2012

Dogs got me up at 5. I straightened up the cabin but I am sooo tired, I haven't tended the critters yet. I am on my second cup of coffee, hoping that wakes me up.

Troy and I got the white storage tent moved and most of the stuff on the platform. I am not sure I like where the tent is sooo maybe when David gets here we will find a better spot before I set everything up. I am still exhausted and ready for bed.

Troy helped David move the roof and David & I moved some of the stuff.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I tended all the animals like I do everymorning. Raked out Murphy, Buddy/Allie and Davey's cages. Moved the ducklings into the chicken coop. And found 3 kennels unlocked and Davey's water empty but not dumped over. I thought I was losing my mind til I got a shower. I found all my shower stuff on the floor. Someone was on the property during the night. Tonight, my guns will be loaded and my windows open. God help the SOB if I catch someone near my dogs.

Went to Dr appt, chinese, Court FP, Walmart <got 8 no tresspassing signs, 2 shirts and 1 pair pants on clearance for $3 each, some clearance Easter Candy, a soft elec blanket on clearance for $15,> Krogers <got my hydrocodeine,  tuna ...had 60cent coupon, ragu ....had free coupon, cheese ....was on sale buy 1 get 1 free and creamer> and to Lowes <got 2 pallets>. Came home put groceries away. Did one load of tent stuff with Troy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wed 4/11/12

All outside dogs, cats, birds, goats and Bacon fed. I changed Murphy and Davey's water. Fed/Watered the ducklings. Started laundry. Got a shower. Had my coffee and now I am going out to work on the tent.

Moved the rest of the dog food, all the boards and started on the other cabinet fronts, counter tops, doors etc. Still alot of stuff left to move from under the tent so we can move the tent.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tues 4/10/12

Goodmorning! Looks like it is going to be overcast here in East TX today.

You know it amazes me that people don't want to do a little bit of work for a free place to live. Had a couple come check out the place yesterday. They are living in their car and I guess they thought an hour of work a day for each of them was too much. Oh well.

This morning, I fed the birds Davey.... Buddy/Allie.... Murphy.... Hunter/Brittney.... Sam/Mommasita.... Dolly/Freddie.... Bacon.... changed Bacon's water....fed Molly/StacyLynn.... the goats.... got a shower.... started laundry.... fed the cats.... fed/watered the ducklings again....cleaned up the dog mess in the cabin and now am having my coffee and doing my emails/zoo world game. Still need to sweep/mop cabin and clean the ducklings cage.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Moved most of the dog food out of the white tent.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mon April 9th 2012

Went to town to make dr appt and get headset for the computer. My dr appt is Thurs 9am for labs and 2pm for dr. Feed everyone. Taking it easy today. A couple TJ and Nicole came to see if they wanted to stay out here. Guess not as they didn't come back.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 4/8/12

I made Ham and Hawain Sweet rolls for Easter. We moved Brittney over with Hunter and fed/watered everyone.  I took a long nap and David went home. Not doing anything else today. I am sooo tired. I have been working hard for way tooo long. Need a day off. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. 

TYLER MUNCH Sat 4/7/12

I had a fantastic time last night. David and I went to the Tyler munch at the Blue Store in Noonday and I was just coming out with desert when I saw Burette, Bunny and Paul. What a wonderful surprise for Bunny to bring Paul. And Burette tells me it was Pauls' idea to surprise me. I haven't had any man do something special for me in a long time. Even though Bunny and Paul had to leave early... I "floated" all the way home. It is nice to be happy again.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sat 4/7/12

David and I got that kennel all done. All animals are feed/watered. We will be heading to Tyler around 4pm for the Tyler Munch.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday April 6th 2012

Got up shortly after midnight, had some coffee and then went back to bed around 3am. This morning I fed the goats, chickens, cats, Molly, StacyLynn and the inside dogs. I am waiting for David to get here to do the kenneled dogs and Bacon as I need to clean the cages and don't want to go in them alone.

I traded Patti and Little P for some lumber from Sheila today.  Hated to do it but needed the lumber and I don't have to worry about feeding them now. Troy cut up the two dead trees that were in the drive. David and I worked our butts off all day. We got everyone fed and watered <Bobby did Murphy>, kennels raked out, we got Hunter and Mommasita in their new kennel. Got it tarped. Moved Sam and Brittney in with Hunter/Momma while we worked on their cage. We got their cage apart and Troy helped a bit, I reinforced the 2 side walls and it is up but we still have to do the roof, tarp, the sheet metal, igloos, leaves, food and water tomorrow. We are just WAY tired out. Went to subway for take out for dinner and now are resting before we feed everyone. Then bedtime.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thurs April 5th

Goodmorning Everyone. Yesterday I increased the dogs food, since I found out 1 c was for 40 lb dogs twice a day. So I gave them 2 cups dry and bag of treats in the morning each.  Last night I fed all animals... the dogs got wet food for supper, parked the suv against the gate to hopefully keep the goats in the yard and fell asleep early.

This morning the duck woke me up a little before 330, so I went out to check on her and managed to catch 2 of my hens and put them in with her. Gave them some bread. Gave Bacon some bread. Dolly saw me so I gave her and Freddie some too. Put can food out for the cats and Molly. Fed the goats. Let Jade,Speck, Dixie, and StacyLynn out for a pee. Took Sandman for a walk. Bleached 1/3 of the cabin floor due to puppy mess. Trying to crate and house train StacyLynn is hard when the small dogs still go on the floor. Put trash out on the porch. Put StacyLynn in her crate... she cried so I put her back outside. When she scratched at the door to come in, I stuck her back in the crate. She is now laying down.

It is now 454 am and I am sitting down to have my coffee and relax before the sun comes up and I have to get out and do the rest of my chores.


It is now 11am and I have made chicken for the dogs. I cleaned the duckling cage. Gave all the inside dogs chicken. Gave some to Murphy, Buddy, Allie, Freddie, Dolly, Molly and StacyLynn. Still have to tend to Davey, Hunter, Sam and Brittney. The duck and two hens managed to open the coop and got loose sooo I must not have hooked it right. That means I have 3 more birds to catch tonight. UGHHH  I picked up some trash the critters pulled around the yard. Have to make something to eat and then get outside to do chores.

The phone man came and said the storm fried my phone so have to get another one on Sat. He said he is having a horrible time with fleas and flys just like I am. Had to be the mild winter.

Well gave chicken to Buddy, Allie, Freddie and Dolly. Changed Bacon's water. Took the pallets out of the suv. Gonna take it easy the rest of the day.

Fed the outside dogs canned food, gave Murphy fresh water, fed Bacon. Got Mommasita back in the house. I hate to say it but I think I am gonna have to kennel her as she keeps chasing the goats with Molly.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wed 4/4/12

Got up at 630 to take Stacie to access intake appt, dropped her off around 730 and went to Walmart to do grocery shopping. Got done before 830 and needed to wait til the bank opened at 9. So got a $ sandwich and diet soda at McD's. Went to bank to cash MO from Drew for truck payment. Then stopped at Lowes for kennel clamps and a pallet. Then went back for Stacie. She wasn't done her appt. So went to Angelfood without her. Then went back for her and she  said they are putting her in the hospital. So came home. Dolly had chewed up the gate on their kennel and had her head out, soooo first thing was refixing the kennel. Then feed all the animals. Then unloading all the groceries, making space in the fridge and freezer, putting the groceries away. Talked to Troy a bit.  By then the pain was bad and I had to rest a few hrs.

Now I have enjoyed chatting with Paul off and on all afternoon and fed the outside dogs. I am gonna try to catch my chickens tonight and get them back in the coop. Mommasita decided to chase the goats today. And the goats won't stay in the yard, the neighbor JP came over to tell me they were on the road. What a day. My feet are killing me. Thank God I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Cause I have pens to rake out and might have to change the waters. Also got to get the last pen reinforced and put up so I can get Momma and Hunter in it. That is if I can find the new wire for reinforcing the kennels. I am not sure where Stacie put it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tues 4/3/12

Stacie and I fed the duck, Bacon, the chickens, all caged dogs got their dry/wet food, treats and water and the goats. I cleaned up little StacyLynn's mess in the cabin. I got my shower and having my coffee now and then will head back out to work on the broke kennel.

Life is pretty dang good here in East TX.

Evening Update:
Stacie, Troy and I got the small shed put together right. I repaired and reinforced 2 kennels, moved Freddie and Dolly down into the kennel next to Bacon and tomorrow we will finish putting their kennel together and bring Hunter down into the kennel next to Bacon. It took all day. I hurt sooooo bad, I could cry. I did way too much and was on my feet way too long.

Tornados hit all over DFW and are heading our way. Stacie and I fed all outside critters/dogs and she filled the 250 gal water tank in case we lose power. Troy is going to town for gas in case we need to use the generator. And I have candles and lanterns ready just in case.

I have to eat, walk the dogs and then I am going to bed. I have to go to town tomorrow morning and I am tired.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mon 4/2/12

I am sad to say that Cameron went to the rainbow bridge during the night. It broke my heart but at least he is not suffering anymore.

Stacie and I went to Walmart bank to cash Troy's check, paid my mortgage, got some wire at Lowes, some zip ties... first aid stuff....& gifts for Johnny at the dollar tree, a chinese take out to share, went to Cath FP where I got Johnny 2 shirts, and grabbed a few more boards at the abandoned torn down mobile home.

Came home, put the groceries away, ate lunch and buried Cameron. My legs are killing me from doing all that walking and it looks like it is gonna rain, so I am not doing much this afternoon. When Stacie gets back, I will check all the critters.

Evening UPDATE:
*Fed all caged dogs and cleaned their kennels
Stacie fed Bacon

* I was told I am over feeding the dogs by a friend that is a vet tech. That I should give them 1 cup dry and 1 can wet twice a day per dog. So started that routine this evening.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun 4/1/12

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF APRIL! It is just 8am and so far I have done....
Cleaned cabin floor of puppy messes.
Fed the cats, Molly, chickens, duck, Bacon and inside dogs.
Gave Cameron a penicillin shot, honey water, a little puppy formula and worm medicine. <REALLY WORRIED ABOUT HIM>
Watered the garden.
Got Stacie up. <She is out doing dogs>

2pm Update:
Gave Cameron some chicken brooth which he held down.
Swept the cabin.
Cleaned up the puppy paper area of the cabin.
Put Cameron in the puppy cage.
Put StacyLynn outside to play.
Did more laundry.
Put away the dry clothes.
Cleaned the duckling cage.
Had a toasted wheat roll with cheese and pepperoni for lunch.
Sprayed the bed and furniture with flea spray.
Sprayed the inside dogs with flea spray.

730pm Update:
Cameron is refusing everything now. He is not doing well at all. I will be surprised if he makes it thru the night. I increased his penicilin shot dosage as a last ditch effort. But I am not holding much hope. I have been nursing him for 5 days now and he is tired. It is gonna break my heart when I lose him. But I know I have done all that can be done. I have held him and sang to him, he will go knowing he was very loved.

I decided watching him every second wasn't helping sooo I went out and cleaned all 5 dog kennels, cleaned their water buckets, <fed/watered those dogs with Stacie's help>. Changed Bacon's water and fed him. Put a pool in with the duck and filled that. Stacie fed Molly and little StacyLynn.

Been a long day and I am gonna watch TV and play online for a while and then head to bed.