Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tues April 17th 2012

I have got to move the dogs. I don't know where but I have got to get some sleep. Every bird, goat, cat or dog that walks near their kennels sets them off. I am so tired, I can barely stand up today. Everyone is fed. I need to refill Sam/Momma's water and change Murphys <he likes to dig in the leaves> but I need to wait til my pain meds kick in. I never made it to town yesterday. But I did find the other AAA rechargeable battery soooo my remote is up and working again. The pharmacy was waiting for one script from my dr so I figured no sense going in to town twice.

Filled Sam/Momma's water and started laundry. Had toast and coffee for breakfast. Put chicken in for supper.

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