Thursday, April 12, 2012


I tended all the animals like I do everymorning. Raked out Murphy, Buddy/Allie and Davey's cages. Moved the ducklings into the chicken coop. And found 3 kennels unlocked and Davey's water empty but not dumped over. I thought I was losing my mind til I got a shower. I found all my shower stuff on the floor. Someone was on the property during the night. Tonight, my guns will be loaded and my windows open. God help the SOB if I catch someone near my dogs.

Went to Dr appt, chinese, Court FP, Walmart <got 8 no tresspassing signs, 2 shirts and 1 pair pants on clearance for $3 each, some clearance Easter Candy, a soft elec blanket on clearance for $15,> Krogers <got my hydrocodeine,  tuna ...had 60cent coupon, ragu ....had free coupon, cheese ....was on sale buy 1 get 1 free and creamer> and to Lowes <got 2 pallets>. Came home put groceries away. Did one load of tent stuff with Troy.

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