Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thurs April 5th

Goodmorning Everyone. Yesterday I increased the dogs food, since I found out 1 c was for 40 lb dogs twice a day. So I gave them 2 cups dry and bag of treats in the morning each.  Last night I fed all animals... the dogs got wet food for supper, parked the suv against the gate to hopefully keep the goats in the yard and fell asleep early.

This morning the duck woke me up a little before 330, so I went out to check on her and managed to catch 2 of my hens and put them in with her. Gave them some bread. Gave Bacon some bread. Dolly saw me so I gave her and Freddie some too. Put can food out for the cats and Molly. Fed the goats. Let Jade,Speck, Dixie, and StacyLynn out for a pee. Took Sandman for a walk. Bleached 1/3 of the cabin floor due to puppy mess. Trying to crate and house train StacyLynn is hard when the small dogs still go on the floor. Put trash out on the porch. Put StacyLynn in her crate... she cried so I put her back outside. When she scratched at the door to come in, I stuck her back in the crate. She is now laying down.

It is now 454 am and I am sitting down to have my coffee and relax before the sun comes up and I have to get out and do the rest of my chores.


It is now 11am and I have made chicken for the dogs. I cleaned the duckling cage. Gave all the inside dogs chicken. Gave some to Murphy, Buddy, Allie, Freddie, Dolly, Molly and StacyLynn. Still have to tend to Davey, Hunter, Sam and Brittney. The duck and two hens managed to open the coop and got loose sooo I must not have hooked it right. That means I have 3 more birds to catch tonight. UGHHH  I picked up some trash the critters pulled around the yard. Have to make something to eat and then get outside to do chores.

The phone man came and said the storm fried my phone so have to get another one on Sat. He said he is having a horrible time with fleas and flys just like I am. Had to be the mild winter.

Well gave chicken to Buddy, Allie, Freddie and Dolly. Changed Bacon's water. Took the pallets out of the suv. Gonna take it easy the rest of the day.

Fed the outside dogs canned food, gave Murphy fresh water, fed Bacon. Got Mommasita back in the house. I hate to say it but I think I am gonna have to kennel her as she keeps chasing the goats with Molly.

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