Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun 4/1/12

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF APRIL! It is just 8am and so far I have done....
Cleaned cabin floor of puppy messes.
Fed the cats, Molly, chickens, duck, Bacon and inside dogs.
Gave Cameron a penicillin shot, honey water, a little puppy formula and worm medicine. <REALLY WORRIED ABOUT HIM>
Watered the garden.
Got Stacie up. <She is out doing dogs>

2pm Update:
Gave Cameron some chicken brooth which he held down.
Swept the cabin.
Cleaned up the puppy paper area of the cabin.
Put Cameron in the puppy cage.
Put StacyLynn outside to play.
Did more laundry.
Put away the dry clothes.
Cleaned the duckling cage.
Had a toasted wheat roll with cheese and pepperoni for lunch.
Sprayed the bed and furniture with flea spray.
Sprayed the inside dogs with flea spray.

730pm Update:
Cameron is refusing everything now. He is not doing well at all. I will be surprised if he makes it thru the night. I increased his penicilin shot dosage as a last ditch effort. But I am not holding much hope. I have been nursing him for 5 days now and he is tired. It is gonna break my heart when I lose him. But I know I have done all that can be done. I have held him and sang to him, he will go knowing he was very loved.

I decided watching him every second wasn't helping sooo I went out and cleaned all 5 dog kennels, cleaned their water buckets, <fed/watered those dogs with Stacie's help>. Changed Bacon's water and fed him. Put a pool in with the duck and filled that. Stacie fed Molly and little StacyLynn.

Been a long day and I am gonna watch TV and play online for a while and then head to bed.

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