Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thurs 4/19/12 No Sleep Again

The outside dogs had me up at 1, the inside dogs at 3, the outside dogs at 6. I honestly don't know how I can keep going on so little sleep. I still have to water the garden and change Murphy's water. And I should do some laundry.

10:20am update.... Watered the garden, changed Molly's water, heated water for dishes, started laundry, got some dishes soaking and now enjoying a break and my coffee. Made fried chicken wrap and mushroom soap for breakfast.

430pm update... made some fried meatballs for lunch, did some dishes, cleaned out under sink, and cleaned out inside chest freezer.


  1. sorry to hear you were up all night. Is there any way to block their noise?

  2. Yes but it defetes the purpose of protecting my livestock and property from coyotes/wild hogs and whoever decided to unchain the kennels last week. Currently I am alone sooo my dogs are my alarm system and my guns my defense. I just need to find someone to live out here to help me so I can get some sleep and rest. Thankyou for your concern.