Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We moved Bacon into a different pen today so Drew built him a shelter and of course he still has his pool and dog igloo and his toy water bottles all of which he loves. He is one spoiled piggy. 

Speck and Boo Boo

Speck Rat Terrier mix male puppy

My chihuahua BooBoo 

Princess and her pups

2 wks old, one boy and one girl

Picked up a pretty Great Pyranese and her 2 pups this morning. Her owner was an older gentleman who has cancer. Once her 2 wk old pups are weaned, I will adopt the little boy out and get mom and daughter fixed. The owner tells me she is a great goat dog. Sooo they will be with my goats.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Poor Prince is lost since Phyllis got killed. 

Goats 2/28/12Lucy

Lucy and her baby Cocoa Puff


Cocoa Puff 

Patti and her baby Little Pat

Sandman and Speck

Sandman and Speck napping in the clean clothes

Hunter and Goldie still needs homes!


These two dogs are AMAZING. Both are fixed and very friendly. 

Made it home today

Managed to pick up Johnny and drive home today. Went to the Palestine ER per my Dr's request. Had a cat scan and as we already knew... I have a severe concussion but thank God no blood clots hiding in my brain.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I dropped off Johnny at his mom's in Farmers Branch, then went to Norris and Brandys, then the meet and greet. Got to Sanc for the wedding and party. Parked and went to close the gate <10x10 steel HEAVY gate> and the dang thing came off the track and knocked me down and cracked my head. I stayed for the wedding and then was soooo sick, I left....I managed to get to Norris and Brandy's. But since I have a concussion<too dizzy to drive> and still hurt all over today, I am staying another night.

Friday, February 24, 2012


It is hard for me to believe, I will be 50 next week. Half a century old. Where did the yrs go? Regrates? I have more than a few but I would not go back and redo. I think everything we do, every experience, every joy, every hurt....takes us where we need to go next. I hope to enjoy another 50 yrs living out here in the country, enjoying my critters and my land. I am anxious to see where those next 50 yrs will take me.

How about you??? Are you enjoying life? Looking forward to the next chapter?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My friend Cody is coming for a visit on March 10th. He has a job interview on the 14th and if all goes well he will be moving down here. I think he will be a great asset to our homestead. And he's cute to boot!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Patti had her baby today! We think it is a boy. Drew discovered that Cocoa <Lucy's surviving triplet> is a girl, not a boy. Here are some pictures taken of the goats today.

Sam still needs a home

Sam is a wonderful friendly male shep mix. He is neutered and has current rabies.
 He is good with most dogs and LOVES people. A fantastic yard dog. 

Murphy needs YOU!

Murphy is a WONDERFUL people dog. He is however alpha and has some food aggression. He is NOT good with cats or chickens and would do best in a single pet home or with a passive female lg size dog. He is neutered with a current rabie shot.

MOLLY needs a home!

Molly is young, shy and scared. A black lab mix. She is spayed and passive, current Rabie shot. 
With a little patience she will make a wonderful pet. 


Dolly LOVES people and other dogs. She is young and playful. 

David needs a new home

David LOVES people. He is not good with small animals. He will make someone a great running mate or hog dog with a little training. He is still young with lots of energy. 

Buddy Needs a HOME

Buddy is amazing. He is housetrained and good with other dogs, GREAT with people. 
He is neutered and has current rabie shot. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. 
He would make an excellent pet for any family.