Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sat April 30th 2011 Auction

Karen & Asa got some chickens and 7 rabbits. We got a young pygmy buck goat. Polish Chicken Trio. A dwarf rabbit. And a buff silkie rooster. The Polish Chickens cost us $17.50 each. The goat was only $40. The silkie was $10.50. The bunny was $6.50. Also got a hoe and rake for $5 each. It was alot of fun. We made some money selling our junk which paid for the critters we bought. When I find my camera I will post some pics.

342 dead from Tornados in the south

Let's prayer for those that lost loved ones and their homes.

Missing Camera and off to the auction

Well I cleaned out the car and my camera is gone. I am very upset over this so no pics today. We are off to the auction to hopefully make some good money. And now we can't find our cell phone either. GRRRR

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fri April 29th 2011

Well we picked up our Ducks and Lola our angora rabbit doe this morning. Couldn't get the truck reg as we need a gift letter. Was also told my 501 status was surrendered for TX so I have to call and find out why. Been a heck of a day. Did some errands and then went thru all our storage to get a load of stuff to sell at the auction tomorrow. Wish us luck as we need the money. It isn't even May yet and we are already broke.

Southern Deadly Tornados

Thurs April 28th

Loni, Drew and I went over and helped Sheila put up her solar shower and do some boards on her foundation. She gave us three rabbit nesting boxes & we picked up our truck and water storage tank she gave us. We picked up pool supplies at Walmart. Stopped at a couple thrift stores. I scored a new mini oil lamp that hangs on the wall for only $1.99, a box of canning jars for $2, a cool pair of flip flops for Loni for .75, 6 new xmas craft kits for .50 each, an old cb for $3, hand radios for $3 and some other cheap odds and ends. We picked up pine bedding and chicken pellets at Tractor Supply. Had subway for lunch. We were given Katie and Trixie (bunnys) from a lady that worked at Tractor supplies. We started going thru the storage stuff to get ready for the auction sat.
Today we are heading to Jacksonville to pick up Lola our new rabbit and our pair of muscovy ducks. Then we have to insure... reg and get the truck inspected. We still need to pick up goat and rabbit feed and bread from the bread store. Then we have to come home get everyone situated and finish going thru storage.
Tomorrow is the Athens sale, hope we make some good money as we are already broke for May and gas prices are not helping.

Prince William and Kate married 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tonights pics

Hunter and Loni

Silkies doing great

Pepper Plant getting big

My hen thinks I am her mom

This little girl thinks I am her mom... she climbs in my lap and flys onto my shoulder and follows me in the house.

BUDDY needs a home

Buddy was abandoned in Anna TX. He is a young sweet retriever/pit mix. One blue eye and one brown eye. He is very passive and sweet with other dogs and loves people. He needs some work with the leash and housetraining but will make any family an awesome pet. Call 903 764 0097


Our 1990 Ford Pickup


Tent site

Critter Area

Gismo and Gigit

Our Buck and Bunny

Gismo and Giget in nesting box


Silkies looking like drownd rats
Lola will come home Sat

We will pick Lola up Sat morning

Lola is angora doe rabbit and litter trained
Karen spent the night. The storm continued. I got offline at 2am. The dogs continued to bark. Gave up trying to sleep at 230... went and sat in my recliner... fell asleep off and on due to dog's barking... went back to bed at 530. Got up around 730. Moved 2 does into larger cage and left buck in the med cage. Drew had to go back to Crockett ER. Sometimes his meds fuck with him and sometimes not. I think he should stop taking them period. He is upset that I didn't go to the ER with him but I hate seeing him in pain so I sent Loni. Karen went home. Spent a hairy 15 min searching for BooBoo....scared to death he followed Drew down the road. Here the little shit was hiding under the bed. Got chicken out to make for dinner. We were supposed to go thru storage stuff to see what we can sell at the athens auction sat... but guess not today. Tomorrow we are supposed to go help Sheila and Fri have to get Truck insured... inspected and registered. Sat we will go to Tyler to pick up my new angora rabbit. And dangit if I didn't miss getting a mini lama for $50 this morning. It is 1130am .... the laundry is started and they are still not back from the hospital.

OBAMA born in Hawaii!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tues April 26th 2011

Before the rain

Loni with Hunter and Bunni

Drew and Karen before the Storm

Today is my mom's birthday. We had a hell of a storm today. Karen lost 12 chickens due to the storm over night. She is here visiting today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A storm is brewing

Got some seeds into starters. Got the critters tended. Loni and I are playing on our laptops and Drew is watching TV. Bobby and Johnny have gone up to their cabin to settle in before the storm hits us. Bobby made me three more garden squares which will have some plants put in next week.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Milk crates keeps the chickens from eating the garden



Our three new tomatoe plants

How does our garden grow?

The two kittens

Ain't they cute?

Fat Cat

Female Kitten 6 wks

Male Kitten 6 wks
Diesel... camera date was wrong this was taken 04/24/11
We went to Jack in the Box and had about 15 show up there. Sold the clarinet to Julito. Which was a god send as I was worried about making it home. Then 55 showed at Sanc. Got some dog food donations. The presentation was good. Then left around 11pm to come home... got in at 2am.
Drew gets me up at 7am to go to Fair Field Trade Days and there were only 3 vendors open. GRUMBLES! But I did get three tomatoe plants and he got the part for the truck. Went to Walmart and Dollar Tree and forgot the dang TP! lol. Planted the tomatoes and Drew & Bobby are out working on fixing the truck. Friday I will start some plants from seed. We made ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Now I need a nap. I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Easter.

Sat April 23rd 2011

Cal's Dog Peanut with Drew