Saturday, April 2, 2011


Drew and I are taking the explorer back today and then he wants to go to the auction. Yesterday was a nightmare... we are in so much pain today. Left around 8am...Went to Garland... climbed steps to my son's ... couldn't catch the cat... went to lunch Shelly and Sid in Rowlett...and waited for my son to come home from work to get the cat... got the doxie off Shelly... drove to justin tx ... had to catch the goats.... drove to boyd.... bought a silver lace wynndot cockrel... drove to Auroara tx to see my friend Rose whose dog died the day before... she took the doxie YEA!!!.... then on to Paradise TX and bought 4 black silkies mid size... hope they are hens... and a paint silkie rooster.... then 4+ hr drive home....stopped in corsicana to pick up wire for a goat pen... then get everyone settled into temp cages around 1130pm. Today we can barely walk. And we have to go close my bank account so car mart can't take money out of my account and then fight with car mart to take the explorer back. Then on to the auction. Gonna postpone going to Tyler til tomorrow for the bamboo and the ducks. And we have to fit in building permanent pens somewhere!!! Will post pics later! Hope everyone is doing great! I am having my coffee and then we are off for the day!

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