Monday, April 11, 2011

Bank Screw up...long day!

Been a long day already.... since we took the explorer back on the 2nd... I let my bank know what was going on and revoked permission for car mart to take payments out of my account and had my account set to credits only until 2 small transactions would go thru so I could close the account. %$@...blip blip... got overdraft notice of $400+ this morning. The bank paid car mart $385 and my ins payment which I already paid the ins out of Drew's account... spent an hour at bank trying to get them to fix their mess. Then grocery shopping at 4 different places. Put the grocerys away. Then tended the critters. Now waiting on a man who is coming to look at our RV site for rent. Prayer he is a good fit to live out here with us and that he takes it. We really need the money. As we are broke and have to go to Athens tomorrow to drop my goats off to be bred...have to run to crockett sometime this week to pick up my new glasses and to Dallas on the 23rd. I can't believe gas was $3.79 this morning. Someone pass something... ANYTHING stronger than coffee! Hugs MsDawn
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