Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of the silkies looked sick yesterday. 

Went to Teri and Tommy's last night to drop off Patti and Lucy to breed to her buck. 

Went to Mica and Scott's this morning. Traded them some groceries for 5 chickens. We got a cochin (splash?) pullet... what they think are 2 red sexlink cockrels... a salmon favorelle rooster and hen. 

Came home and the silkie looks sick again. I am told it could be spring creeps? Never heard of it and the silkies came from a good breeder and were not near contaminated water. I am really worried as we can't afford to lose any chickens. 

Our Raised Bed Small Garden

Two Barred Rock Pullets

Cinders and Drew

Diesel Peanut Bunny and Patches

Diesel and Bunny


Bunny and Patches


Barred Rock Cockrel

My babies are growing up

Cochin Pullet and 2 Red Sexlinks

New Pair Salmon Favorelles Rooster and Hen

Salmon Favorelles Hen

New Salmon Favorelles Rooster

Here are some pics from yesterday and today.

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