Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our Future Projects  include:
Privacy Fencing with osage orange and other thorns on both sides all the way around our 6 acres. 
A second well. 
Larger Garden. 
Green house. 
Solar power. 
More livestock. 
Fish pond. 
More water storage.
Rain water collection.
Grey water reclaimation system.
Solar showers. 
Composting toilets. 
Larger compost area. 
Worms Composter. 
Wood heat. 
More fire wood storage. 
Wood cook stove. 
Guns and spare parts and extra amno. 
Berry plants.
Cabin Bedroom Addition.
Enlarge Cabin Deck.
Porch for Boys Cabin.
Inground Pool.
Climate Control Kennel.
Climate Control Barn.
All American Pressure Canner.
Cold Storage/Root Celler.

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