Sunday, April 17, 2011

Only 9:15 n I am exhausted

The phone rang early this morning which is never a good sign on a sunday morning. It was Karen... her cat had babies and was trying to kill them. We have Fat Cat... the feral cat with five babies here. So we decided we would have Karen bring the kittens to see if FatCat would accept them. 

Went outside to bring Fat Cat and her babies inside and saw our loppi ear buck rabbit dead in his cage. We moved the Lion Head Doe in with the 2 breeding rabbits. 

Drew took care of the loppi's disposal and cleaned our huge wire kennel to bring inside. We cut cardboard so the new babies can't fall out of it. Moved Fat cat and her kittens inside since it is so cold this morning. Karen... Kwani and Madonna arrived with three new born kittens. We took and rubbed the new kittens all over the old kittens....removed the older kittens and put the new kittens in with Fat Cat. The girls fell in love with the black with orange face kittens and one of the orange tabby kittens and even though they are only about 5 wks old... I decided to let them take them home so Fat Cat will have enough milk to feed the new babies. So instead of 5 kittens we now have 6. 

Drew has a stomach virus and is in bed. I had my shower and trying to figure what to make for breakfast. Then all the outside critters have to be tended. It is gonna be a long day! 
Bunny our pit bull

Fat Cat and her Kittens

Fat Cat with the new babies under her


BooBoo in the cat house

Madonna and Karen with their new kittens

MaDonna Kwani and Karen

the new cat cage

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