Sunday, April 3, 2011

YESTERDAY Sat April 2nd 2011

Yesterday after we paid the mortgage and took the explorer back ...we went to some yardsales  ...scored 2 old coleman fuel type lantern for $5 each and one for $1 ... a nice old oil lamp for $4.50 & a solid metal manual meat grinder for $7.50. Then got lost finding the auction in Athens... bought some stuff at the junk sale including 3 banana boxes of food for $10 a box...then bought a white lion head doe rabbit... a multi colored lopi eye buck rabbit and a breeding pair of multi colored rabbits...spent $62.00 on 4 rabbits... then went to walmart and bought rabbit food. Was tooo tired to head to Tyler by the time we were done. Today I will be going to Tractor supply for some goat ...chicken and rabbit feed. Drew will be building some pens. Then tomorrow is time to pay all the bills and see if their is any money left over for the month. Hope everyone has a great day!

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