Sunday, April 24, 2011


Milk crates keeps the chickens from eating the garden



Our three new tomatoe plants

How does our garden grow?

The two kittens

Ain't they cute?

Fat Cat

Female Kitten 6 wks

Male Kitten 6 wks
Diesel... camera date was wrong this was taken 04/24/11
We went to Jack in the Box and had about 15 show up there. Sold the clarinet to Julito. Which was a god send as I was worried about making it home. Then 55 showed at Sanc. Got some dog food donations. The presentation was good. Then left around 11pm to come home... got in at 2am.
Drew gets me up at 7am to go to Fair Field Trade Days and there were only 3 vendors open. GRUMBLES! But I did get three tomatoe plants and he got the part for the truck. Went to Walmart and Dollar Tree and forgot the dang TP! lol. Planted the tomatoes and Drew & Bobby are out working on fixing the truck. Friday I will start some plants from seed. We made ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Now I need a nap. I hope everyone has a wonderful blessed Easter.

Sat April 23rd 2011

Cal's Dog Peanut with Drew

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