Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our 1990 Ford Pickup


Tent site

Critter Area

Gismo and Gigit

Our Buck and Bunny

Gismo and Giget in nesting box


Silkies looking like drownd rats
Lola will come home Sat

We will pick Lola up Sat morning

Lola is angora doe rabbit and litter trained
Karen spent the night. The storm continued. I got offline at 2am. The dogs continued to bark. Gave up trying to sleep at 230... went and sat in my recliner... fell asleep off and on due to dog's barking... went back to bed at 530. Got up around 730. Moved 2 does into larger cage and left buck in the med cage. Drew had to go back to Crockett ER. Sometimes his meds fuck with him and sometimes not. I think he should stop taking them period. He is upset that I didn't go to the ER with him but I hate seeing him in pain so I sent Loni. Karen went home. Spent a hairy 15 min searching for BooBoo....scared to death he followed Drew down the road. Here the little shit was hiding under the bed. Got chicken out to make for dinner. We were supposed to go thru storage stuff to see what we can sell at the athens auction sat... but guess not today. Tomorrow we are supposed to go help Sheila and Fri have to get Truck insured... inspected and registered. Sat we will go to Tyler to pick up my new angora rabbit. And dangit if I didn't miss getting a mini lama for $50 this morning. It is 1130am .... the laundry is started and they are still not back from the hospital.

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