Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today Sat April 16th 2011

"PA" my salmon favorelle rooster

There were four

Cleaned out and bleached the Silkie pen

Karen and Drew

Now there are Three

"PA's" brother and the Salmon Hen
Drew and Karen went to town to pick up a few things. It seems weird tending only three silkie hens instead of four. I never thought I would get attached to chickens. 

I am sooo bad at trying to save them. It takes alot for me to give up. And so I invest part of my heart and soul that the deathly sick ones take with them. Karen and I both sat and cried while I held the silkie...waiting. Hopefully I won't lose anymore. It is now a nippy 61 degrees and all critters have been tended. One of the salmon favorelle roosters are going home with Karen today as it bite Drew yesterday & wouldn't let go and it is really beating up the salmon hen. Karen wants him for bug control in her yard. 

Here is a few pics from yesterday and today.

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