Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yesterday Wed April 6th 2011

Drew is thrilled with our new truck

Yesterday was long but pretty cool! We went to Royse City to Sid and Shelly's house... of course we got slightly lost and so it took longer than expected. We had lunch and hung out with Shelly until Sid and the kids got home. They donated a 1990 Ford 250 truck with camper shell.... 2 AC's ... a lawn mower and a small above ground to the rescue. Sid made hamburgs and hotdogs and mac salad for dinner. It was a very nice visit. Then we drove to McKinney to pick up a donated gps and then to another stop to get a kitchen cabinet and counters. Then the long 3 hr drive home. We got in about 2 and gave all the critters water and got into bed about 3. On the first we have to fix the turn signal switch on the truck and get it registered and inspected. Right now I am trying to deal with losing the bunny cause he fell out of the cage while we were gone and having my coffee that my wonderful hubby made me. Then it is on to tending the cabin ....doing laundry and figuring out what we are cooking today. Have a blessed day everyone!

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