Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thurs April 14th 2011

Red Sexlink

Two Red Sexlinks

Drew building chicken coop

Bobby helping with the chicken coop

We built a new chicken pen for all the smaller chickens (7 of the barred rocks...the 2 red sexlinks... and the cochin pullet). We took the silkie rooster out of their pen and put him in the small area we had set up for the small chickens as he was attacking his hens yesterday. I am continueing with antibotic water soaked bread and added some sugar this morning to their water dish. The two are still sick. I don't see any place where water is or was sitting in their pen. I don't have a brooder yet. If the silkies die.... I will rake out their pen and treat the whole ground there with straight bleach and wait how long til it is safe to put other birds in there? I worry that it will spread to the other birds.

We have a feral white cat terrorizing all the outside dogs so we haven't gotten much sleep in 2 nights. Drew and Bobby left to go help Sheila work on her fence and I am taking a break from moving birds and feeding them and the rabbits. Gave them all their treats this morning... moved the smaller chickens and the rooster and have to clean the salmon favorelle breeding pair's cage as they dumped their water into a full large bowl of feed and it made a heck of a mess. And have to put out chicken feed and rabbit feed yet. Bobby watered the dogs and they are good on food til tonight. I tended the feral momma cat and her 5 kittens. Seems weird not having our goats to play with this morning... but they will be back after they are bred.

Now off to have breakfast. MsDawn

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