Friday, April 29, 2011

Thurs April 28th

Loni, Drew and I went over and helped Sheila put up her solar shower and do some boards on her foundation. She gave us three rabbit nesting boxes & we picked up our truck and water storage tank she gave us. We picked up pool supplies at Walmart. Stopped at a couple thrift stores. I scored a new mini oil lamp that hangs on the wall for only $1.99, a box of canning jars for $2, a cool pair of flip flops for Loni for .75, 6 new xmas craft kits for .50 each, an old cb for $3, hand radios for $3 and some other cheap odds and ends. We picked up pine bedding and chicken pellets at Tractor Supply. Had subway for lunch. We were given Katie and Trixie (bunnys) from a lady that worked at Tractor supplies. We started going thru the storage stuff to get ready for the auction sat.
Today we are heading to Jacksonville to pick up Lola our new rabbit and our pair of muscovy ducks. Then we have to insure... reg and get the truck inspected. We still need to pick up goat and rabbit feed and bread from the bread store. Then we have to come home get everyone situated and finish going thru storage.
Tomorrow is the Athens sale, hope we make some good money as we are already broke for May and gas prices are not helping.

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