Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy day today! Mon April 4th

in dog carrier while I clean their cage

back in clean cage

My Pit Bull Bunny

Diesel Dixie and BooBoo

Waiting for their treat

Our Garden

Peppers... Tomatoes.. Cucumbers and Garlic

Pepper Plant

Two Pepper Plants

Got up to dark skys! Went to Elkhart Feed store for hay... but they were out... so over to Palestine... stopped at Krogger for some low carb yogurt and other groceries... then on to the small feed store in Palestine... got the hay and 9 more pepper plants and 4 cucumber plants as well....then went to the bread store and picked up 2 $6 trash bags full of bread that is sold for animal feed... but we have found it is perfectly fine to eat... so froze 1.5 bags of it and used some for the chickens and will dehydrate what we don't eat today. Rented 3 movies at the redbox for $1 each cause it was storming and figured it would continue. Got home & put the groceries away and started tending critters and found 3 dead bunnies and 2 freezing bunnies... I brought the live ones and what we hope is the momma into the cabin...put the babies under a heat lamp to up their temps and gave them a little warm milk from a straw. Got online and read the momma's don't always feed them til night time.... so made them a nice cage inside and am praying for the best. We didn't even know one of the rabits were pregnant. Next cleaned the pullets cage... then the kitty litter for the inside cats... checked the feral momma and her babies outside in the rabbit hutch... feed and watered all the outside dogs.... the other 3 rabbits...the 2 outside roosters and all the silkies in their cage...the inside dogs and the goats.... then planted the new veggie plants ... organized the pantry...paid some bills and started cleaning the cabin. I am now taking a break and then will go out and play with the goats and help Drew separate the large dog kennel into 2 sections so that the silver wynndots are in to put the silkies in there too. Lunch will be sandwiches and then supper will be steak and fries. And it isn't even 3pm yet! Is it bedtime????

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