Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodmorning Fri April 15th 2011

Salmon Favorelle Rooster free ranging

MainChicken Coop

The girls kennel

Drew's cat Cinders he is a sweet boy

fat cat and one of her babies

Ms Patches and Mr Cinders

Silkies New Home

Goodmorning... the two silkies are still sick. I keep expecting to find them dead on one of my hundred trips out per day to check on them. I moved them out of their pen into the cat condo where the salmon favorelle rooster and the barred rock cockrel where as I can't keep the pullets out of their pen (the boys are now being free ranged).... and I don't want them getting sick... so Drew is going to town for bleach and a spray bottle. I am doing every suggestion except the b12 and apple cider vinegar. Sugar... human Antibotics... Garlic. Drew is gonna check on the chicken antibotics when he goes to town too. I also put dimaous earth in their water. Our friend Karen is coming to visit today. So I have to get cleaning and out to change everyone's water. I already fed the livestock. Drew will do the dogs when he gets back. I am having a coffee break now and then going to start laundry.

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