Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost the white baby

We just found the white baby dead. Breaks my heart. We check on them several times a day and Drew just found her.


  1. Do you have them in a place where the mother and babies are sheltered from the elements. With it this cold they are very vulnerable. It needs to be a shelter that is big enough for them to be able to keep warm in. Not to big as that will not remain warm enough for them as they have no body fat at this time in their life.

    How do the other two look? Are they nursing well?

  2. Yes, Yes, and Yes. We have their shelter wrapped with a large tarp and full of hay. The other two look good, but so did she yesterday.

  3. Do you have any metal or tin to put around the shelter instead of the tarp. A tarp and hay are not enough to keep them from freezing to death in these temps.