Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wed 4/18/12 Changing Dr's

WHAT A DAY.... Freddie chewed out of his cage at 3 am.... I got back to bed around 5 for a short nap. Went to town to Walmart to pick up the flea stuff Willow told me about, to Krogers to get my meds, to the post a note I need to change primary care drs.

Came home tended all the animals. Took a break. Then gave the inside dogs the left over chicken. Then Chris called about picking up the Montera. So then I went up and cleaned it out. Johnny had it packed with stuff. Then gave StacyLynn a bath. Put the new flea stuff on her, Bunny, Jade, Dixie and Spec. Now taking a break.

Took wings out to thaw for supper.

They couldn't take the Montera cause I don't have the keys. GRRRRR

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