Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wed 4/4/12

Got up at 630 to take Stacie to access intake appt, dropped her off around 730 and went to Walmart to do grocery shopping. Got done before 830 and needed to wait til the bank opened at 9. So got a $ sandwich and diet soda at McD's. Went to bank to cash MO from Drew for truck payment. Then stopped at Lowes for kennel clamps and a pallet. Then went back for Stacie. She wasn't done her appt. So went to Angelfood without her. Then went back for her and she  said they are putting her in the hospital. So came home. Dolly had chewed up the gate on their kennel and had her head out, soooo first thing was refixing the kennel. Then feed all the animals. Then unloading all the groceries, making space in the fridge and freezer, putting the groceries away. Talked to Troy a bit.  By then the pain was bad and I had to rest a few hrs.

Now I have enjoyed chatting with Paul off and on all afternoon and fed the outside dogs. I am gonna try to catch my chickens tonight and get them back in the coop. Mommasita decided to chase the goats today. And the goats won't stay in the yard, the neighbor JP came over to tell me they were on the road. What a day. My feet are killing me. Thank God I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Cause I have pens to rake out and might have to change the waters. Also got to get the last pen reinforced and put up so I can get Momma and Hunter in it. That is if I can find the new wire for reinforcing the kennels. I am not sure where Stacie put it.

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