Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sun April 22nd 2012

Well I managed to get all the critters fed and watered but what I have feared finally happened, I fell getting into Davey's pen. Luckily I was able to grab him and prevent him from escaping.... but I hurt my back and my leg and couldn't get up for quite a while. No one here to help me as usual soooo the cages will not be getting cleaned today. I barely managed to make it to the shower and then to the cabin. I know I keep saying this... but I really can't keep going alone. Drew messaged me yesterday, but I wasn't home so I have no idea what he wanted.

Marshia contacted me, the place she lived had their water shut off 8 days ago and she needed me to get Johnny. SOOOO luckily Norris was able to get him and meet me in Fairfield with him. Boy what a mess! 8 days without a shower or water.... YUCK!

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