Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tues 4/3/12

Stacie and I fed the duck, Bacon, the chickens, all caged dogs got their dry/wet food, treats and water and the goats. I cleaned up little StacyLynn's mess in the cabin. I got my shower and having my coffee now and then will head back out to work on the broke kennel.

Life is pretty dang good here in East TX.

Evening Update:
Stacie, Troy and I got the small shed put together right. I repaired and reinforced 2 kennels, moved Freddie and Dolly down into the kennel next to Bacon and tomorrow we will finish putting their kennel together and bring Hunter down into the kennel next to Bacon. It took all day. I hurt sooooo bad, I could cry. I did way too much and was on my feet way too long.

Tornados hit all over DFW and are heading our way. Stacie and I fed all outside critters/dogs and she filled the 250 gal water tank in case we lose power. Troy is going to town for gas in case we need to use the generator. And I have candles and lanterns ready just in case.

I have to eat, walk the dogs and then I am going to bed. I have to go to town tomorrow morning and I am tired.

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