Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday April 6th 2012

Got up shortly after midnight, had some coffee and then went back to bed around 3am. This morning I fed the goats, chickens, cats, Molly, StacyLynn and the inside dogs. I am waiting for David to get here to do the kenneled dogs and Bacon as I need to clean the cages and don't want to go in them alone.

I traded Patti and Little P for some lumber from Sheila today.  Hated to do it but needed the lumber and I don't have to worry about feeding them now. Troy cut up the two dead trees that were in the drive. David and I worked our butts off all day. We got everyone fed and watered <Bobby did Murphy>, kennels raked out, we got Hunter and Mommasita in their new kennel. Got it tarped. Moved Sam and Brittney in with Hunter/Momma while we worked on their cage. We got their cage apart and Troy helped a bit, I reinforced the 2 side walls and it is up but we still have to do the roof, tarp, the sheet metal, igloos, leaves, food and water tomorrow. We are just WAY tired out. Went to subway for take out for dinner and now are resting before we feed everyone. Then bedtime.

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