Monday, April 2, 2012

Mon 4/2/12

I am sad to say that Cameron went to the rainbow bridge during the night. It broke my heart but at least he is not suffering anymore.

Stacie and I went to Walmart bank to cash Troy's check, paid my mortgage, got some wire at Lowes, some zip ties... first aid stuff....& gifts for Johnny at the dollar tree, a chinese take out to share, went to Cath FP where I got Johnny 2 shirts, and grabbed a few more boards at the abandoned torn down mobile home.

Came home, put the groceries away, ate lunch and buried Cameron. My legs are killing me from doing all that walking and it looks like it is gonna rain, so I am not doing much this afternoon. When Stacie gets back, I will check all the critters.

Evening UPDATE:
*Fed all caged dogs and cleaned their kennels
Stacie fed Bacon

* I was told I am over feeding the dogs by a friend that is a vet tech. That I should give them 1 cup dry and 1 can wet twice a day per dog. So started that routine this evening.

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