Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sat 3/31/12

Bunny wanted out at 5am again. Made some coffee. Fed the cats, Molly, chickens, the ducklings, and the inside dogs. Got Stacie up. Stacie and I took Johnny to Fairfield to meet his mom and Niki. They had broke down so they were late meeting us so the three of us got breakfast at BK. Took them back to their van with some water and oil. I hope they got back to Dallas safely. Then Stacie and I stopped at the Dollar General to pick up honey for Cameron and found some cool clearance items. <Cameron the pup is still sick but hanging on. I have switched to oral antibotics as I hate giving him shots. I hope he will improve.> I got 2 pairs of pants for myself for $2 each, 2 packs character socks for my grandson Cameron for $2 a pk for Easter, got my son Bobby a shirt for $2 for Easter, got myself a pair of shoes for $2, got my camper Troy a tshirt for $2, got 2 shirts I might give Johnny for his birthday for $2 each, got my granddaughter StacyLynn 2 pairs sneakers and an outfit for $2 each, and got my helper Stacie 2 shirts for $2 each. AWESOME clearance sale!
 Then we stopped to price some stuff at the two junk shops on the way home. When we got home we used metal dog crates to plant my veggies. Since the goats and chickens ruined my last attempt at a garden, I figured this will keep both off my plants. Put in 12 pepper plants, 4 grape tomatoe plants, 4 watermelon and 4 cucumber plants. Keeping my fingers crossed that this garden does good. I plan on getting some miracle grow if I have any money left this month. I ate my leftover steak/onions for lunch.  Not buying a bunch of soda, so I hope the water drinking will help me start losing weight again.

Afternoon Update
Threw in some laundry, organized the clothes hanging on my bed, cleaned the duckling cage, and cleaned the puppy cage.  Talked to Drew on yahoo.

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