Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 BUSY DAY

Bev and Johnny fed all the dogs. I let Patti, Lucy, CocoaPuff and Little P out of their pen as it was SOAKED. Moved them to the temp pig pen. Well Lucy almost killed herself getting caught in the wire, she stuck her head threw and we had a heck of a time getting her back out. Then the babies got loose. So we decided to double up dogs and use a dog kennel for a temp pen. Then Lucy got her head stuck trying to get into Billy's pen. Soooo we left Billy out to exercise with the girls. We moved Hunter in with Sam and Brittney. We managed to catch Molly and put her in with Bacon. WELL she was nipping at him, sooooo moved her in with Buddy and Allie. Mommasita got loose when we tried to move her in with Freddie and Dolly. Troy helped us load the dog kennel onto his trailer. We moved the wire flooring and decided to use the large hole fencing for the flooring instead of the smaller hole fencing. SOOO moved and cut that wire too. I raked the area next to Bacon to put the goats and connected the dog kennel onto Bacon's kennel for the goats just til we get their pasture area ready. It took all day. We got Momma in the house and of course she got out. Finally Bev and Johnny got her in with Freddie and Dolly. It was a challenge getting Patti, Lucy, CocoaPuff and Little P into the kennel and of course when I was trying to get Billy in there, Patti got loose. BOY are these goats strong. We never did catch Billy or our rooster Prince. And both our ducks are missing. We are DONE for the day. I can't barely walk. And hurt sooo bad, I can't stand it.

Bev made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy and corn bread for dinner. YUMMY

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