Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wed March 7th

OH I hurt! Over did it today. Went to Angel food, then Walmart... picked up some clearance meat...and then to their pharmacy where as usual they were idiots. So told them I was switching drug stores. Also got more puppy formula at tractor supply and went to check out a different drug store. Got home and Bev made steak sandwiches for lunch while, I boxed the remaining junk from my bed area and put away the groceries. After lunch I moved a big pile of logs from near Troy's campspot onto his trailer while Bev & Johnny moved sm limbs to the burn pile, then moved everything out of our garden area where I unloaded the logs with Bev and Johnny's help. Bev and Johnny put a tarp over Hunters kennel. Bev made some Boudin sausage things and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. Now she is asleep and I am watching TV. Chris called today and said Mommasita keeps breaking out of his yard and so he will be returning her in the near future when they return from their trip. Puppies and Goats doing fine. 

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