Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tues 3/13/12

Done so far today.

I started laundry.
Bev feed the goats and pig.
We took the pups outside for exercise.
I raked behind the bath house.
Troy, Bev and I moved the hot tub deck.
We put the water tank on the decking.
Troy cleaned the bathroom roof off.
Bev, Johnny and I moved the metal roofing into a pile.
Bev, Johnny and I started moving brush to the burn pile.

Taking lunch break now.

UPDATE... I did more laundry.... put Drew's clothing I found in his trunk in case he comes back for them. Bathed Cameron in the shower with me. He took it pretty well. Bev made a delicious dinner of stew and rice and salad and peach cobbler. YUMMMY

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