Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today 3/3/12

Johnny and I went to the bank and of course their computers were down so I couldn't get the mortgage money out. Then on to the feed store, I got 4 bags of creep and 4 bags of dog food and 1 bag oats and 1 garbage bag of hay <WTF? $11.50 for a garbage bag of hay??? UGH!>, cost me $122. Then on to walmart where I picked up puppy formula and some ham & cheese for lunch. Got home and Freddie and Molly tore up the gate of their kennel and escaped. Caught Dolly before she got out of the kennel. Caught Freddie and put him in the other kennel. Well he chewed thru that kennel too. ALL while the pups are screaming to be fed. I fixed his kennel but still can't catch Molly. Came back in bathed both pups but they don't like the puppy formula and I don't want to keep giving them goat formula since it is giving them the diarea. Once they went to sleep I made a sandwich, started laundry, and did a little more on the cabin. I am exhausted. I will go out and check all the dogs' water and feeders after I rest.

UPDATE.... still haven't been able to catch Molly but she won't go anywhere. I cleaned Murphy's kennel and Buddy/Allie's kennel before it got dark tonight. Tomorrow I will do the other three kennels.

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