Thursday, March 15, 2012


Bev and I went to the feed store.... got 2 bags of creep and 1 dog food, then to Catholic to pick up copy of Bev's id, then Court Drive FP, then to met Tomas for lunch at Beijing Buffet but he didn't make it... so Bev and I bought some take out chinese and went to Krogers for some groceries. Stopped at an abandoned torn down mobile home to see if the roof pieces were any good... we couldn't get them apart as we didn't have tools with us, soooo grabbed some 2x4s' laying there, well my knee went out... I fell and hurt my little toe, hand and face. Got home ...unloaded the wood and realized my toe is broke. So I wobbled in the house...while Bev and Johnny brought in and put away the groceries. THEN Bev found Freddie and Sam loose. They both broke out of different kennels. UGGGGG So I was out there catching dogs and repairing kennels with my foot throbbing. THEN when Bev went to make Johnny's lunch <he wanted mac and cheese>, we found out Johnny ate an entire 2lb block of the cheese that was for mac and cheese. And he got nasty with us when we yelled at him about it, she can't make mac and cheese when he ate all the cheese. UGGH KIDS!!!!

Sooo now I am finally enjoying my chinese food with my feet up. Needless to say... the other 2 kennel will not be getting cleaned today.

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