Friday, March 30, 2012

Fri 3/30/12

The dogs wanted out around 5am and when I got up to let them out...Cameron was at the bowl getting a drink YEA!! Since than I walked Sandman. Cleaned up all the puppy poop. Gathered the dirty dishes and put them out on the porch <NOT domestic, what can I say!>. Fed the cats and Molly.Scrubbed around the sink. Straightened up a bit. And now enjoying my coffee. I am so excited about Bunny and Justin coming today, I can't wait. Wish Bunny could stay but she has to get to her aunt's funeral.

UPDATE: Bunny and her mom brought the dog food, but Justin didn't come with, said he had a family emergency. We unloaded it under the storage tent. They followed Stacie, Johnny and I to Walmart so I could get them gas money. Then we went to Krogers to pick up Johnny's new meds. While there I scored some clearance stuff. Got 3 packs of Sugar ham for $2.49 each, 3 bottles of shampoo for .39cents each, got 2 bags of laundry soap for .99cents cents and 2 packs pepperoni for $1.49 each. Then we went to the bread store and grabbed a $6 bag of animal bread and some boxes of tasty cakes on clearance for .99 cents each. We picked up a box of Church's chicken for lunch. I sent Bennie a letter. Ordered a camera cord from Ebay so I can start posting pics again. Still hoping Cameron pulls through. He ate a piece of ham out of my hand which is great. I am hopeful. 

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