Monday, March 12, 2012

Mon 3/12/12

WHAT A DAY already. Thank goodness the sun is out. My new foodstamp card came today.

Lets see Hometown Pharmacy was a joke this morning, they only got one of my prescriptions and the druggist yelled at me, after they didn't deliver our meds and didn't get all my prescriptions ready. I will NEVER go back so changing pharmacys again.

Walmart's meat guy wasn't in today, so no clearance meats.

Then get to check out at dollar tree and they no longer take food stamps.

Got to Krogers and they had NO clearance grocery items, clearance meats or frozen items. URRRGGG

The Dollar General didnt have any clearance foods either today.

So get home with my groceries and pinesol and by this point, I am in so much pain I can barely get out of the car. BUT the animals still need tended.

Bev and I fed and watered everyone, but I hurt tooo bad to clean kennels. I did leave the goats out to exercise for a bit. But they started eating my fruit trees and rose bush. So put them back in their pen.

Now I am taking a break and after while I will mop the cabin and bath the pups & clean their little cage. They are loving chicken and rice, but boy do they make a mess with it.

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