Monday, March 5, 2012


Bev and I ran errands this morning. I paid the mortgage, so that is a relief. Got a bag of bread at the bread store and they had TASTY CAKES.... woohooo my FAVORITE from PA, which I have never found before in TX. And I got three boxes that was in the clearance bin!

Bev made sandwiches and fries for lunch. I bathed the pups. All animals are tended.

The neighbor JP came over and offered to help us work on the mobile home, so that is awesome. Bev has been working on the burn pile. So tomorrow Bev and I will move everything from the bedroom in the mobile to the living room.

My son Bobby came to check on me. He helped me put all the boxes back under my bed. Things in the cabin are really shaping up. Bev is grilling chicken for our dinner.


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