Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thurs 3/22/12

Day from hell. Post is NOT in sequence. We managed to catch Billy, had to put him in the old girls pen due to him trying to hurt the babies after we got him in the pen with the girls. Buddy and Allie got loose. Dolly attacked Mommasita. Sooo I had to run across the property to break it up. Momma is now in the cabin to hopefully heal. Cleaned all dog cages, feed and watered everyone. Got a few groceries in town and picked up my meds. Took Johnny to his dr appt. I have to take him for lab work on Monday. Bev is going home tomorrow. I have decided I have to get rid of Dolly, I can't have an animal that attacks others. I am waiting to hear what Marie wants me to do with her. I need to pick up antibotics for Momma in the morning. It is always something on the homestead.

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