Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sun 3/25/12

Stacie and I got home around 4am to find the goats out. Here they destroyed the dog kennel so Hunter is still stuck in with Sam and Britney. We took a nap and got up around 7. Well Buddy and Allie somehow escaped and we couldn't catch them. Then after doing chores, Troy comes screaming that a dog was killing Bacon. F__ Buddy had tore up Bacon pen to get in at him.  I let Bacon out of the pen so I could catch Buddy. Since he managed to get out of an escape proof cage we have to figure out HOW.  So we stuck him in my car til we decided what to do. Then put Sandman in Buddy's kennel and brought Buddy in the house <he is housetrained>. Sooo did that for the day while we did other chores and then I took a nap. Now it is bed time so I put Buddy in my car with the windows down a bit and brought Sandman back in the house soooo we can get some sleep cause Sandman barked all day. I gave the neighbor some of the canned dog food we got from Charlene yesterday for his dogs. Now I am heading to bed. 

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